Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthdays are nice but too much is occult

Don’t get me wrong, birthdays and birthday parties are very nice things to celebrate. If one has good family and friends it can be a very special day. It is particularly important that young children feel that their birthday is their “special day,” not only for their self esteem and to have fun and receive presents, but also to know that their parents and siblings are happy to commemorate their arrival in the family.

However, there is absolutely no other significance to one’s date of birth. In fact, undue attention and occult beliefs regarding one’s birth date is one of the leading ways that people offend God, participate in idolatry and anti-God activities, and hence risk great chastisement in either their life or after death in hell.
Look at the Bible for evidence. Too many cultists try to discern the birth date of Jesus, for example, as if that would give them any further “insight” or “information” than knowing that he was the Son of God would give you. I mean, duh. What more does one need to know about Jesus, than that he was the Messiah, the Savior, and the Son of God? Would he “being” a “Sagittarian, Capricorn, Aquarian or Piscean” “tell you more?” It tells you LESS except the sure path to sin, the wages of sin (death) and the ruination of the soul followed by damnation. To characterize anyone Biblical, particularly Jesus, as being “of a sign” or of a certain “number” in numerology is to imply that he is less than perfect, since he is doled out only those attributes that demented cultists assign to numbers, letters and dates.

Cultists who claim to believe in God yet still engage in such birth date seeking cultist activities are ignorant of the Bible. They would say, well, the Bible doesn’t forbid it expressly. No? Remember the Bible teaches through examples, not through listing every single activity that humans have ever done in an “OK to do” and “definitely don’t do” column. Ask the orthodox Jews who work tirelessly to derive and prayerfully discern how to interpret new modern activities in the context of Biblical teachings, such as discerning what constitutes “work” that is forbidden on the Sabbath. The Bible teaches by listing Commandments and specific instructions, yes, but it also teaches through careful study of the examples given within.

So, who exactly has mention of their “birth date” in the Bible? It is mentioned and celebrated in only two places, and the mentions are hardly of those that moderns should emulate: Pharaoh and King Herod. If birth dates were to be known and “analyzed” for Biblical figures, would not at least one Biblical figure have their birth date recorded as an example of how “important” it is and how God expects it to be honored or “interpreted?” Yet the only two figures who have mention of birth dates are counter, that is, they are opposite examples of Jewish and Christian living, Pharaoh and King Herod. I mean, is that not the ‘clue phone’ ringing loud and clear that the word of God and his prophets and angels are to be honored all the time, and not linked to occult profane beliefs, which are strictly forbidden? The Bible is filled with not only the good examples but the deeds and activities of those who are expressly demonstrated what NOT to do, and how God’s wrath and disapproval will, eventually, catch up with them. Abraham, Moses and the others are blessed because they served God without question in all things, and not because they had a certain “sign of the month” or “number” “working for them.”

Genesis 40:20
And it came to pass the third day, which was Pharaoh’s birth-day, that he made a feast unto all his servants: and he lifted up the head of the chief butler and of the chief baker among his servants.

[The only reason that the birth-day and the celebration are even mentioned is that it ties in with the butler and baker being in prison with Joseph, and how Joseph prophesied how Pharaoh would execute one of them and spare the other, as is related in Genesis 40:21-23. The butler is spared, but ungrateful to Joseph, while the baker is hanged. The birth-date is incidental to Pharaoh in Biblical terms, but significant in that it was on that occasion that Pharaoh renders his form of justice according to how Joseph prophesied. The birth-date itself is of no importance to God or to the faithful observant.]

Mark 6:21
And when a convenient day was come, that Herod on his birth-day made a super to his lords, high captains, and chief estates of Galilee.

[Again, the birth-date is mentioned only because a Biblical event is incidentally occurring on that date. In this case the daughter of Herodias danced to please Herod so that when he offered to give her anything as reward, on her mother’s behalf she asked for the head of John the Baptist. So John the Baptist was executed right then and there and his head brought to the party to give to the “damsel” and her mother because they used the opportunity of Herod’s birthday to get their chance to have John the Baptist killed.}

Now, with those only two mentions of actual birth-dates and celebrations, how would anyone in their right minds think that the Bible endorses either the tracking of birthdays for spiritual reasons or worse, their “significance” in an occult way? The way that birth days are prophesied (Ishmael, Isaac, Samson, Samuel, Josiah, Shunammite’s son, John the Baptist, and of Christ) but never given as dates or treated as being significant in any spiritual way as calendar or numeric formulas should be, once again, a huge clue phone ringing in your ear.

When I spent years among those who believe in such garbage (yet even then I had no idea how much they believed and, worse, ensnared others around them in the minutest detail of slavery to the occult practices) I had an “astrology” web site where I tried to detox people, while seeming to be a supporter, by making each day’s “prediction” be a combination of astronomy (the position of the planets) and how every day and every position is a “really good time” to do something positive. I did the same with the day’s “number” where it was always a good day and good number. I then tried to point to an interesting birthday on that date to broaden readers in history or the arts (such as a poet’s birthday, where I would cite some of his or her work.) Of course I realized in hindsight that people thought I was a moron, since I didn’t “get it.” Um, yeah, I “got it,” but I was teaching the right way to be, not trying to ape or parrot the wrongness, the blasphemy and the sin of occult beliefs. I was trying to show that every day and every planetary “position” is a good day, regardless.

There is no more dramatic example of my very casual assignment of importance to birth days than the fact that on my web site I actually got the date of my father’s birthday wrong. His birthday was July 19 and on July 9 I jumped the gun and posted that it was my father’s birthday. Since he’s been dead many years we of course as a family had not the need to recall with ordinary celebration (card and present giving, a party, special dinner, etc.) So that year with much on my mind I just saw the “9” in the date and thought July 19, but on July 9. What is tragically hilarious is that if anything this kind of thing gives a thrill of power to the cultists more than the obvious lesson, which is that there is no validity to birth dates in God’s eyes or in any spiritual or practical way whatsoever. I mean, my dad was my dad and did what he did and was who he was no matter what gosh darn date he was born on. People should have followed my example and seen that geez, birth days are nice for a one day celebration of the living, but mean nothing else. Only God has meaning. But the really crazy and stupid thing is that later I realized that the cultists got their spine tingling chill by glomming onto July 9 as some sort of new “significant date” since I “revealed that” through my “Freudian slip” and I must have been “channeling” some new “information” that they can use. I wonder if they made anyone who has a July 9 birthday since that typo of mine some years ago particularly “lucky” or “hell on earth,” all due to taking the exact opposite of both what the Bible taught and I demonstrate through example, that birth dates are no big deal?

I hope that you have found this helpful. I continue to urge you to read the Bible as it really is, and not as you wish it to be as a formula book for manipulation of others. One path leads to God and the other most assuredly to Satan and hell.