Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Don't get too attached"

A lot of people wonder if they will be "together in heaven" when they die. This is natural when one thinks of one's spouse and children. However, the way things are these days, I recommend that you be like me and "don't get too attached."

Many will recognize that expression, usually given by a parent to a child who has brought home a stray animal. Parents tell the kids "don't get too attached" because the animal will either be given up for adoption, rehabilitated and returned to the wild, or, if it very sickly, will die. So parents, knowing that children have tender hearts, caution them in dubious circumstances not to get too attached.

For years I have had that thought in my mind as I observe the people around me, people who are increasingly in denial and defiance of God. No matter what a "great friend," "bubbly person" or "good chap" that someone is, increasingly the odds are against seeing most of the people that you know on earth arrive in heaven. It's not a place that people who are lukewarm, and most especially, antagonistic against God just "drop into" by default. Even those who "proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior" and reckon they are saved, then turn around and engage in occult practices or who embrace modern day idolatry and believe you me that puts them on the wrong road to the big hot place that's not much fun at all and hardly the first choice for family or friend "reunions." I don't plan on being there, my friends.

I'm not playing God but regular readers know I have a pretty good feeling for these things and all I can say is that for some insane reason even the "good guys" are crowding the road to hell. So I'm just "not getting too attached."