Saturday, June 27, 2009

I offered to help Michael Jackson in 2003

I was approached electronically via a celebrity who was, supposedly, a friend of his. I had to read between the lines regarding who he was asking questions of me on behalf of (since all these nutjobs use assumed identities online), and it was, in addition to others who were and are in great spiritual trouble, Michael. I offered unasked for flat out to help him for free any time any place. I not only did not receive a reply but I was embarrassed and often degraded by the people who had first brought Michael's problems to my attention. I soon realized that Michael needed urgent life and soul saving help in 3 areas: 1) authentic self identity 2) removing addictive substances from his life and 3) saving his soul away from cult beliefs.

Imagine what could have happened if I had been allowed to help Michael six years ago which now, because of the misery, seems like ages ago, as the sanity of this world is just falling apart. Michael went from a God believing little boy to a tormented addicted deluded mechanical being, and I cannot begin to express how sad this has made me though not as sad as it would have some years ago because who cannot see that this is where such delusion results? I've blogged repeatedly about this that wordly and spiritual reality are not "choices." One is either a servant of the real God, or one falls away and is not, and the consequences are dire.

I feel the anguish of the well meaning members of his family and of course for the children.