Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long overdue study of faith integrity of nuns

This study is LONG overdue and I applaud the Vatican, FINALLY doing something about the decay in authentic self identity and faith integrity among many Catholic "nuns."

If you want to be a social worker or a spiritualist, please do everyone a favor and get out. Don't claim to be a nun in "service" to Jesus Christ if you are so unfamiliar with humility and obedience. Those who don't even fill out the survey are, well, can you see a bit of a humility and obedience problem right there? Do me a favor and become a Buddhist nun instead or something, and at least be honest for a change.

Please, you nuns who have "spiritual" and "equality" agendas, do everyone a favor and quit the orders (which your hearts obviously never belonged to). Shape up or ship out.