Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick appeal for an animal welfare organization

I know all too well how tight money is, how donations to charitable causes are way down, and how there are so many increasing needs stressing most charitable organizations. Yet there is one that is near and dear to my heart that I ask you to visit online and, further, if you can, donate some amount. Even if small they add up and they all will be appreciated.

This is a shelter and rescue facility for pit bull dogs. I have been deeply concerned for many years about the enormous popularity, and then associated cruelty, inflicted on pit bulls and, further, the lack of shelters who can understand them, handle them, and provide rehabilitation and loving homes. Badrap has done an amazing job, but the need is enormous. They are just one organization (in the SF Bay Area of California) yet are called upon cross country when there is uncovering of pit bulls in abuse situations. These dogs never asked to be cruelty used as pawns in dog fighting, in abusive "guard dog" situations, to be deprived, to be tormented to be made "tough." It has been an urban, and rural, nightmare for I would guess over twenty years, and I cannot imagine how many pit bulls have suffered and, when rescued, due to lack of understanding and resources, have had to be euthenized. Take a look at the Badrap website and you will be very encouraged to see their fine work. They are fundraising for a modest and much needed building for the pitbulls, and every small or large donation would be a real help.

Many thanks for at least reading this and perhaps visiting their website, as new admirers of the work of these guys and gals! Some very cute (and all lovable) dogs in photograph and video formats.