Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Bible meaning" behind "Cash for clunkers?"

This is almost too stupid to point out, but part of witnessing one's faith is to point out the total insanity embraced and advocated by those of heretical beliefs, and how cult "thinking" has infested normal life. So here goes with another incredible example.

There's this USA program where cash toward a new fuel efficient car is given to car owners who turn in their old cars ("clunkers") that are less fuel efficient. The engines of the old clunkers are then destroyed. Huge quantities have been collected and destroyed, and Congress seeks to allocate more money for more clunkers being turned in and wrecked.

Um, you do realize that the usual background nutjob mandarins who are behind much of the left AND right wing insanity that has controlled this country for many years is doing this to "fulfill Biblical prophecy?" These total heretic nutjob jerks think that this "symbolizes" and thus "fulfills" the many "horses" that are supposed to be killed in battle before Jesus Returns. Yes, these maniacs for a long time have not only dared to declare they "know" what the Bible "means" by such passages, but they also think they were "born" to "determine" when and how to "fulfill" those prophecies.

So these maniacs behind the government programs and officials pull the strings and plant ideas so that they can "check off" their "list of Biblical prophecies to fulfill" so they can then "declare" that Jesus is returning, the rapture will soon occur, blah blah blah.

Let me remind you what a severe heresy this is by repeating that Jesus himself said he did not know when he would return and the world would end: Jesus stated that ONLY GOD knows that. How in the world can these irresponsible sickos think that THEY know "it's time" and thus "assign" "timing" and "meaning" to events they initiate themselves, and declare those are fulfillment of God's prophesies?

Oh Lord, I cannot tell you how far over the edge so many millions have gone... and how severely God will punish ALL who have been involved in these unbelievable manipulations and heresy.