Thursday, August 6, 2009

NO saved Christian can persecute non Christians

Anyone who calls themselves a Christian, who then persecutes ANY non-Christian (but most especially heinously, one of the Abrahamic faiths) and who thinks that they are either righteous in God's eyes or going to be "saved" when they die is incredibly deluded and totally in error.

Jesus explicitly forbade the disciples from wishing physical harm upon those who rejected his message, stating that he came to save and not to destroy.

You cannot call yourself a Christian on the one hand and then oppress a non-believer, or a believer of another faith, on the other hand.

I should not even have to explain that murder in the name of killing non-Christians is breaking a Commandment AND an unspeakable abomination, but read this article and you will see why I am posting this DIRE WARNING.

I have suspected this kind of alleged mindset for quite some time, most particularly after reading the abominable "Left Behind" series with their cartoonish evil foolishness and total dog dirt ignorance about the Muslim faith.

I marvel that God has not struck everyone dead already by now, for the horror that so many have allowed this world to become, a dirt ball of evil and hypocrisy.