Monday, August 17, 2009

Dude should have gone to church instead

Sorry to be so blunt, but really, this is too far out to resist.


A Livingston County doctor was beaten to death after soliciting two prostitutes in Detroit. Police said that Dr.Gary Ceresnie, 54, of Brighton picked up Teanna Keens,32 and Stephanie Cross,19 in his car and drove them to a home Sunday.

Darrell Harris and Kamico Jackson , both 24 are being accused of robbing and beating Dr. Ceresnie. Police said the doctor left the home on foot, he managed to get to a restaurant where he later died from his injuries.

All four suspects are being held and charged with open murder and armed robbery.
They're all being held in Wayne County Jail without bond. Detroit police spokesman John Roach said he didn't know if any of the four suspects had lawyers.


Dude, it's Sunday. Why not go to church instead and then go home and read the Bible or something?

You are supposed to worship Christ on the Cross, not a prostitute named "Cross."

Another paper reports they went to "St John Street." Isn't fact really much more interesting and stranger than fiction, as the old saying goes, I mean, really.... taking two prostitutes, one named Cross, on a Sunday to St. John Street. Anyone see anything good coming out of THAT scenario?

I'm not even touching the "Jackson" name in this one.

It's sad that he's dead but duh, "The wages of sin are death." Often it is both death of the body and of the soul. Think about it.