Tuesday, November 3, 2009

About evolution and Adam

I see some very good and intelligent discussion is taking place about evolution among believers of various faiths.

I just want to put forward a quick reflection, just so that in the sweep to accept accurate science that those of faith do not in then inaccurate cascading thoughts and conclusions marginalize what God has said he did.

I am concerned that those believers of good hearts who accept evolution in regard to human beings will then assume that God did not make Adam out of the clay, as he said he did. That is the beginning of eroding the scriptures, which is incorrect.

What you need to remember is that animals do not have souls. Only human beings have souls. God made Adam out of the clay when he rose him up and gave him a soul. Adam is the first spiritual human being in addition to being biologically human. This is how to understand the accuracy of the scriptures together with the accuracy of genuine fossil evidence. It is also at that time that humans, through Adam, even become really noticeable and the object of honor by God's angels. Angels aren't really involved with other forms of life, since while precious and good and God created, they lack souls. When Adam received a soul, and thus was raised from the clay, created by God, he also then received the first guardian angel. The Qur'an mentions God ordering the angels to honor Adam. That's when this happened. All subsequent humans receive souls at conception and a guardian angel.

I hope you find this helpful.

(Hi young people, by the way.... hope you are hanging in there and working on what you need and want to do....thinking of you....).