Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bible reading for previous post

Genesis 2:7
Then the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.

Notice that earlier in the scriptures when animals are created (Genesis 20-25) God created them, as all things in the universe, through the Holy Spirit but he did not bring them through life through his breath, but through his Word.

Then, in Genesis 26 God discusses with the angels how he will make mankind in their image and likeness (as the angels were already created in God's image, which is why God says "our" image and likeness...)

In order to be in the likeness of God and the angels, one must not only physically "look" like them, but also have a component that is the spirit, which is the soul.

Now you can understand more clearly that Genesis 2:7, cited above, is the point when God breathed into the clay he had risen the first soul, given to Adam, making him the first man, the first human being.

A human being is not an animal because a human being has a soul and an animal, no matter how good, loved, useful, or intelligent, does not have a soul. Far from diminishing the importance of animals, the lack of a soul means humans have a greater obligation to be honorable in their treatment of animals, to be good stewards.

But back to the main point, you can trust the responsible evidence of your own eyes, which is accurate and not manipulative interpretation of geology, fossil records and other evidence of evolution in all animals, including the apes and so forth, and evolution to proto, as in "before" human beings. But remember that God is always truthful and accurate in all things and the scriptures record this accordingly. God raised the first human out of the clay and dust when he breathed into Adam a soul. Adam is then able to give a soul to his spiritual descendant, Eve, who then is his spouse, and then they bear children who have souls the normal way that God put into motion, which is a soul and a guardian angel given to each human at conception. This is what is meant when God created Eve from the rib of Adam. They really kind of shared the first soul, and they shared the first guardian angel. From that point onward, though, the process of bearing children who receive from God their own soul and their own guardian angel commenced.