Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So many believe false identities

One of the largest and most spirit crushing ways that the past several generations have been cheated and deluded is the growing belief that people are more than what they actually are. By wanting to believe that one is "more" than one's own individual personality, rather than gaining, one only loses what one actually has.

When I say that people believe they are more than they actually are, I am referring for the most part to three false beliefs: 1) they are reincarnated, since there is, as I've blogged before, no such thing as reincarnation, period 2) they are "aliens," which is also totally false and is nothing other than the human temptation to diminish God's creation, humans and animals, by believing there must be something "better" or "more advanced" "out there," and 3) that one has a divine purpose, role, "channel" to the heavens or whatever, which again is simply a temptation of inflation, of trying to be more than one really is.

What is so sad is that such beliefs take away from, rather than enhance, the glory of the individual true life that is genuinely lived.

For example, when I read obituaries of people I suspect have had these beliefs, I think how sad that it is that anything good they did they attributed at least in part to other forces rather than themselves, living in God's creation. They weren't simply a fine sailor or a great adventurer through their own gifts, talents, hard work and merits, they are "channeling" "space aliens." I cannot begin to explain to you, at least not in writing, how sad this makes me and has for many years, since I first realized how widespread these delusions are. I would say it has contributed to making me, a previously joyful soul, mournful, as I mourn all these false beliefs, which poisoned not only the person's life, but those they taught and raised around them.

Do you not want to feel good after engineering a superb project or machinery that you did it through your own merit (and your team's) using God given reality based resources of this earth, rather than imagine that you are some half backed supposedly reincarnated alien alchemist? And if you make a mistake, or something does not turn out as you hoped, how does it actually console you, since it does not, to believe that you are "held back" because of your own "karma" or blame it on someone else's supposed lack of spirituality or "influence" on you? THAT makes you feel better? THAT makes you more successful? Rather than practicing some more, or seeking help, you believe that evil alien spirits tripped you up? How constructive is that? And what a way to raise the next generation... if being lemmings running over a cliff is your intention, for self destruction, that sure is an effective way to do it.

In the 1960's and 1970's I looked at the world around me and became very concerned about not only the level of sinfulness and loss of faith/understanding in the true only God, and the material world as it actually exists, in all its beauty and potential, but also what I viewed as a wave of global neurosis. During those twenty years I watched large groups of the population, particularly in the better developed "West" become incredible neurotics. That was bad enough, and very alarming.

However, during the 1980's and 1990's I watched the world get much worse, and go from global neurosis to global psychosis. Many of the people of the world today are psychotic, and I do not mean in the classic clinical sense of having an individual psychotic illness or break. Since psychosis is by definition an inability to discern reality from fiction, the true from the false, individuals and society as a whole has become remarkably and I often fear irretrievably psychotic. One of the hallmarks of psychosis is the inability to see the harm that comes from abandoning truth and instead, calling manipulation "reality." I could easily tap my microphone here and say "People of the world, you have already surrendered much of your sanity, and have institutionalized and even become enslaved to unreality and psychosis."

Drugs and alcohol have broken the sanity and discernment of many of the people who with their God given genuine and real caring and talents were supposed to make this a better world, who were supposed to be loving stewards, who were supposed to teach and protect their children, who were supposed to be genuine leaders.

Instead they put on their freak show uniforms and pretend to be heroes of epic bull crap that exists only in their own minds, destroying even their own joy in their own genuine achievements. Few things make me sadder than listening to a wonderful piece of music and knowing that it was written by someone inserting depressive and false cult beliefs as he or she mourns or condemns people, actions, events that never ever happened.

Instead of believing in the one true God, the one they will have to face at their time of judgment, they either deny God or appoint themselves as "knowing" the "reality" of "divine forces" and at best they view belief in God or "accepting" Jesus Christ as an insurance policy menu choice.

But this is not a "reality of hell" rant, no, not today, not now. This is sharing some of the decades of mourning that I have in my heart for how people have destroyed their own sanity and thus have no satisfaction in anything in their lives since they attribute it all, good or bad, to false reasons and false influences.

Here's an example, I'm just making it up, of how I've seen this decay happen.

Normal behavior: A kid grows up with some interest, perhaps in sharks, perhaps in model ships. There's no real rhyme or reason why they have that interest, it just is part of how each person has different things and different callings.

Neurotic generations: A kid has interests in sharks or model ships and either he or she or the parents/school system worries about "why" they are interested in such things. Why sharks and not tigers? Why ship building and not farming? Does little Johnny or Susie have "appropriate" interests that will give them lots of money when they grow up?

Psychotic generations: Johnny is interested in sharks because in a past life he was a shark, being "punished" for previous karma imbalance. Susie likes ship building because an alien reincarnated spirit in her years to be free and defeat the forthcoming bad alien menace and usher in the good alien "rescue."

I wish I was joking or overstating, but you know that I am not doing so, by far.

Individual and societal neurosis saps the pleasure from life, and also makes people feel helpless to address genuine failure and injustice where it exists and when it does happen.

Individual and societal psychosis is a total system of slavery that leads to destruction of life and soul, no matter how glistening and gleaming the self delusional world seems because it just simply is not reality. Unthinkable evil is routinely done under the guise of "good deeds." It ends when it is too late and people have ruined their own lives and others, and then are cast into the pit upon their deaths.