Friday, December 25, 2009

The dark side of Christmas

Unfortunately this is also the day that all the phony bull crap cult "believers" kiss the arses of each other, celebrating the "reincarnated" (there is NO reincarnation at all) baby bejesuses in their family, and of course all the "reincarnated" so called mumsymarys, etc. I tend not to have much dinner on Christmas because thinking of those blasphemers makes me puke. Think of all the times they have worked their mugs (American slang for faces) into holy card poses for distribution to not only their so called believers, but into the hands of honest Christians who don't know that these people have totally infiltrated the religious art world. (Advice: stick to devotional art and religious representations based on paintings and art from more than one hundred years ago. Many modern images, including those you get in the mail, wittingly and unwittingly have the sour faces of these cult crazies who make their supposedly holy pouts to the camera, paintbrush or airbrush).

Sorry for the commercial interruption but God expects me to repeat and repeat the truth as clearly stated in the Torah, Bible and the Qur'an, over and over until some people pick up the clue telephone from the real and only one true God. It makes me SICK that people who have never had a saintly thought in their entire lives continue to kiss each other's arses congratulating themselves on their wonderfulness, based on biology, false works and delusions (also assisted by lots of mind altering drugs, booze and brain damage).

In a way, this continued problem of blasphemers and false prophets underscores what I blogged about recently, that the actual one and only Holy Family had little time to celebrate the birth of the only, once for all Savior, as phony power brokers, such as King Herod, the Pharisees and the Scribes, could hardly wait to start their murderous hatred and blasphemy. In the days after Christmas we celebrate or, rather, commemorate the first martyrs, the little babies of Bethlehem that Herod slaughtered in order to try to kill the infant Jesus. We also commemorate the first disciple killed after Jesus' resurrection into heaven, St. Stephen, as recorded in the Book of Acts.

If you have been stuck in the darkness of cult families and associates, try to make this the Christmas where you start to understand the truth.