Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti: Msg to nations ass'ting w military

I'm not trying to be a nag, or to ignore security, or the lives of the service men and women who are eager to help in these dire circumstances.

I do need to point out a reality. A military is formed and trained with the expectations of facing and fighting determined foes. With that ability, I have to wonder a bit at the excessive fear of violence from a people who have demonstrated that they are probably the most compliant and good hearted, calm and retaining dignity of any who have been in such a disaster before.

People, think about it. Five days in circumstances that I assure you any American man or woman trying to get food, water or medical aid for their kin would have already completely flipped out over and you would have demonstrations and worse galore... and yet the people wait with unbelievable suffering for even the smallest amount of help, with desperate, quiet, desperation.

If you are trained to handle determined foes, can you not have a little more confidence in yourselves and the people you are trying to help that you can get your fannies out there and take a chance that someone, some people might panic and rush you.... but sheesh, are you not supposed to be able to organize (as I see on TV you have in a few areas) to promote order and calm in handing out supplies? I'd like to think our military (and those of the other nations) can handle that? I never thought I'd see the day that the military where they are desperately wanted, not opposed is so overly cautious that people are lying in the shit with broken backs and no food or water or medicine for five days. The five star general in the sky does not like that attitude very much, let me assure you of that.

Courage is not lacking, so what is it? Why are too many politicians and commanders acting as if the most highly trained militaries in the world cannot get the heck out of the frigging airport and set up situations where yes, there will be dodgy moments, but get these people some life in that hell?????

I think my USA paratrooper dad (who MP'd in World War II Berlin) could have handled this and not been "concerned" about "going out in the field" in case desperate hungry and dying people "rushed him." PLEASE GET OUT THERE AND SHOW THEM HOW IT's DONE.