Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year thought

For the past several days, I have been thinking about and missing the presence of 50 to 70 million people. Who are those people? They would be the ones alive today, able to celebrate the New Year, whether it is on their cultural calendar or not, if they had not been aborted worldwide.

They are missing at the table, for they never had a chance to sit down at it.

I feel very personally their loss, as does the whole world, while I am conscious of what it is like without them, while many others have no clue that they are suffering the loss too. They are, however, alive in heaven, which is the glory of God's consolation and rescue of them....but they were needed here on earth.

Rather than contradict, this underscores Pope Benedict XVI's Day of Peace message that the world must turn attention to being good steward and protecting God's creation. The usual haters comment that "less people" and "abortion" "helps" to preserve the environment. Really?

Let me refute that with one of many observations that I could make. If the oceans had not been polluted and overfished, on seafood alone those 50-70 million people who are not alive today could have been easily sustained and fed.

Return to respecting and protecting all of God's creation, the earth and the people who were created in order to share the abundance, not be the victims of ignorant misers.

Genesis 1.
Luke 16.