Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spiritual envy: A grave & very common sin

If I had to name the top three most common and deadly forms of sin in modern society today, the sin of spiritual envy would be in that top three.

Spiritual envy is when one is jealous of and wishes harm to someone who one perceives has spiritual gifts that they "do not deserve" (but you do, supposedly, yourself). Spiritual envy is an especially grave form of sin because it violates two of the Ten Commandments at once. One is guilty of both coveting what your neighbor has, but also one is guilty of taking the Lord's name in vain, as you are appointing yourself the judge of another person's gift from God, which like grace he alone can give, which is their spirituality. Another dimension of taking the Lord God's name in vain is that you feel that you can "decide" what spiritual gifts are "appropriate," which "should" and "can" be "given."

Frankly, little surprises me, but I have been stunned by the level of spiritual envy and the resulting depth of evil, mortal sin that an astonishingly many people have fallen into today.

One of the evil fruits of spiritual envy is that a secondary tier of people are led astray by the primary sinners, as these secondary people think that, therefore, grace and spiritual gifts from God may be attained, earned, merited and apportioned through "deeds" and "works." This entire second tier of people are thus contaminated by the sins of the first tier of spiritual envy.

You see, blaspheming is not "swearing" or "cussing." The Jews accused Jesus of blasphemy and Jesus was certainly not cussing and sassing. No, blasphemy is the presumption that you, a human, controls any even smallest part of God's divinity, authority, primacy and control. The Jews flipped their lids when Jesus started to reveal who he truly was, which is not only the Messiah (which they could have handled, as they have been awaiting a Messiah), but the Savior in the form of the fully authorized designated Son of God.

Do you notice none of the religious class were ever "happy" when Jesus performed a miracle? Putting aside their doctrinal differences with Jesus, would they not have praised God when a blind man is cured, even if Jesus was the instrument? No, they really did not care if someone's suffering (to say nothing of the thousands who Jesus did cure) was eased. They only cared about 1) "where" Jesus "really" got his power from and 2) envying his power.

Spiritual envy causes an enormous mudslide of consequences and likely damnation because it is like a conveyor belt of sin, an avalanche of blasphemy. You've seen the cascading effect as I illustrate it here, but I am just getting started in laying the truth out for you of the behavior of these people. I am tackling this issue today not simply because I have suffered from persecution by those who spiritually envy me for many, many years (it was first confessed, not sorrowfully but matter of fact accusingly, openly to me in the mid-1990's by some supposed "psychics" and "astrologers" a "friend" had urged me to "meet"), but because while space in hell is vast, accommodating more than needed, I still to this day wish that people would repent and not doom themselves and others to go there. In addition to this spiritual concern, on the secular side spiritual envy has caused much day to day grief, misery, depression and destruction of the goodness of actual flesh and blood physical and emotional life in society today. So I think this is a very apt topic to finally understand, for me to nail it to the door of your bogus "beliefs," and to help all of you who are innocent out there to understand what is being done around you, to you, and to your children.

So let me summarize the "chain reaction" we have discussed already, before adding the further explanation of the next links and consequences:

1. A person or a group envies another person or group for perceived spiritual "gifts." So the first unworthy link is the sin of envy. Scripture does state (as I've blogged about before) that even the thoughts, not even necessarily followed up by deeds, are sins.

2. A person or a group covets another person or group for perceived spiritual "gifts." This is the sin of coveting and it has two branches which may take place together or separately. One is that the person or group tries to "take away" the spiritual gift of the envied party and/or the person or group now tries to create a "mechanism" (like a tech or rites) where they believe they can usurp God and become the dispenser of his gifts.

3. Covet people who target the people they envy now commit a cascade of other sins, such as theft, oppression, assault and battery, and even murder, as they "attempt" to "take control" of the envied's supposed spiritual gifts. ("Let's see how your 'spiritual gifts' protect you now" is the mentality, and then they maim, persecute, isolate and even kill the other person). (By the way, imagine how God feels about all this so far, and we're not even into the worst of it).

4. Covet people then proclaim that they have the "real" "spiritual gifts" and, more importantly, "access to them," and they then commit the grave sin of not only blasphemy but they become formalized false prophets. (They are no longer crazy Uncle Ernie who speaks in tongues but they now incorporate and take people's money and rob their souls and their access to authentic faith).

5. Covet people then scour the holy scriptures of traditional faiths, including those with faith in the one true God, seeking "justification" for their own "spiritual gift" factories. Thus they now highlight certain parts of scripture they feel justified their own sins and cover up and ignore (both willfully and by mistake) parts of scripture that condemns most clearly their false and sinful mindsets. Thus they skew even authentic preaching and ministries by providing materials that emphasize an unbalanced understanding of scripture. MUCH modern material is like that. And friends, what I will explain in my next posting on this subject, of how the Blessed Virgin Mary was one of the first victims of this scriptural skewing, omission, and profane "massaging" of the message of the scriptures. Once you see how Mary has been a victim of the covet people's agenda, you will see (with a falling heart) how your day to day life has likewise been affected by this.

It all starts with feeling envy toward another person's real or presumed "goodness." It is like the atom bomb, which starts with the fission of one atom, or the smashing of two, it starts so small and causes profound irreversible destruction.

So before I blog the next section of these thoughts, please uproot in your mind and your heart any thoughts (and certainly any deeds) of spiritual envy, no matter how small, toward anyone, no matter what you "think," because it is not only destructive but you are presuming upon God's authority and mercy. Want to mediate? Like to chant "Om?" Well, start by chanting that you will not envy anyone for anything, but most especially their "spiritual gifts."

[Hi young people! Quite a mess we have here, don't we? Thinking of you and hoping you are having a good day and weekend.]