Monday, March 2, 2009

Not a rant but I am seething: understanding sin

Like Archbishop Chaput I despair and wonder what can be done about the poor faith formation of many American (western society) Catholics, including the politicians. But since society is all bread and circuses (not the sacred bread, by the way) it is the fault of everyone, including Christians who are not Catholics. The primary reason is the total breakdown in understanding God and proper perspective and context regarding sin.

First of all, the sins that people are most titillated about are the ones that are actually the most easily forgiven by God. Thus people have been hammering each other in "gotcha" sin underpants sniffing about sins of morality rather than recognizing the sins that will really "get you hell," which is the profaning of God.

I am not saying that the Catholic Church is incorrect in any of its moral teachings, for it is not. But anyone with a brain who reads the Bible, both Old and the New, can find few stories of God or his prophets hunting down and condemning sins of the crotch. People have affairs, they have unmarried sex, and they have "gay" sex. I mean, duh. Those are the individual sins that are the easiest to forgive and believe you me, God forgives millions of people for those sins each year when they die and "meet their maker" in judgment. God understands that due to both biology (who knows better than the one who created humans) and temptation that humans are horny, easily tempted, and often confused, to put it politely, about their sexuality. This also includes the use of birth control. People are confused about that subject and while I am not saying that birth control doctrine needs to be changed (the Church advocates only natural forms) please use a little common sense about pointing fingers at each other. I mean, "Jesus Holy Christ," does anyone have any sort of understanding about either human nature or God's mercy anymore?

That is why the Church has the sacrament of Confession (Penance and Reconciliation). It is there that people, sincerely, confess and ask for forgiveness for sins of birth control, extra pussy on the side, gay sex or WHATEVER is their individual moral predilection and difficulties. Yet everyone is in the "catch the other person in the sex act" game as some sort of way to catch "hypocrites." Where in the Bible can you show me either Jesus doing that or any of the prophets? We have story after story of profaning God (including a guy who is struck dead by God because he improperly touched the ark) but nothing about people touching each other and themselves. That is because while sinful those acts are HUMAN NATURE. The Church must preach and teach correct behavior but not be crazy basket cases over every time a genital does a naughty thing. For the love of God, how stupid and disgusting has this society become?

So the Church wonders why people are so blase about the horror of abortion. Well, abortion has become "birth control" for a hedonistic society. THAT is where you have the problem, when society as a whole opts for Sodom and Gommorah "role modeling." One reason the Israelities hated the pagans was they sacrified infants. Ditto for the Spanish who found New World societies that sacrified right and left as if the crops would not grow unless someone was gutted on top of a pyramid. They, correctly, understood that God abhors those who profane his name and by implication the gift of life that he has given: the children and the innocent.

I am SO SICK of people caring about gay sex (individual decision), affairs, pre-marital sex and so forth and "outing" each other in order to be "holier than thou" while at the same time allowing the freak show society to destroy humanity's dignity and also profane, by implication, the honor of God. I don't care what sex or not my neighbor is having and neither should YOU.

I do care that this society, however, pushes pornography, depravity, child sexualization, sex while impaired and other GROUP trends, not individual sinful acts that are between the person and God.

This is why people have lost all perspective. How can people understand the horror of abortion if it is given equal footing, if not much lower, than discussion of where someone is putting their dick in an individual decision? I see more ink about caring if a man gives a blow job to another man than I do about 10,000 abortions being performed in a short timeframe.

I blame Evangelical Christians for this more than I blame Catholics themselves. They have been noble (though too rigid) in the abortion culture struggle, but at the same time they can't wait to "expose" (pardon the pun) if their neighbor is putting her pussy or some dude's dick in the "wrong place." I AM SO SICK OF THE STUPIDITY. As a result of this "gotcha" about individual moral decisions and sins it is no wonder that Catholics, who are very low key about getting all heated up about anything, have been programmed from the outside to lose their own perspective on these matters.

When one is complicit in either the building of a hedonistic society, OR, just as bad, being an "equal opportunity peanut gallery who takes pot shots at 'sins' in others," one is part of the problem, not the solution. When you act as if an individual decision to have gay sex is as "hell fire invoking" as being an unbeliever who dishonors God, you render the entire understanding of God, both his mercy and his judgment, an incomprehensible mishmosh.

Mature adults (and one has to go back to the World War II generation to remember any) could be and were God fearing people who genuinely honored God and kept his name holy, while still having pussy problems or other human temptations in their life. For the love of God, what is so difficult to understand about this?

When you moral zealots make God appear to not understand the dilemma of the "free sex" generation, and issues such as birth control, you do him a tremendous disservice that is NOT Biblically justified. Like I said, you cannot show me in the Bible an event, a dialogue with God, an intervention by God, or a teaching by Jesus that focuses on individual sin of morals. Even David could have had his Bathsheba if he had not sent her husband to his certain death. It was not the sex, it was the manslaughter. Even that God understood and forgave.

But God does not forgive the enslaving of an entire generation to hedonism, leading to the abomination of abortion, and the profanity of his holiness by the exile of God from public discourse and honor AND failure to take him seriously. THAT is what everyone ought to be VERY worried about, not if someone rubbed someone's crotch that he or she should not have rubbed.

I sometimes give a few minutes thought, such as now, as to how Jesus could possibly have made that any clearer during his public ministry. I honestly cannot think of how he could have been, in either word or deed, any clearer about the vast difference between the typical sins of morality that all humans are tempted by and the hypocrisy of the "pious" who disrespect God and allow those in need to suffer. Over and over Jesus demonstrated that sins of morality are to be forgiven and not to be publicly acted out. Jesus then demonstrated that the people who should be 'called out' in public should be the hypocrites, those who neglect the poor, the sick, the widowed, the orphaned, the lonely, who abuse children or who block children from him and by implication from God. Absolutely every minute of Jesus' life and what was recorded in the Gospels demonstrates what I am telling you here. Where did you see Jesus sniffing around to see who was with whom, gay or straight? Did he ask the Apostles if they ever masturbated?Absolutely no where have you seen Jesus on the morality witch hunt.

Instead Jesus combined demonstration of mercy toward the humanity and human weaknesses of the sinner with a unrelenting focus on obeying and honoring God in all things and making God the center of each person's life. Today we have the opposite. We have people running around sniffing thongs and worrying about how gay is gay while going through an entire day without giving public glory to GOD, without making one's life about God.

I really can't say anything else at this point, as I'm just at that point in a rant where I throw my hands up in the air in despair and think about all the very surprised people who end up in hell, and not because they were on a pussy hunt.