Friday, March 20, 2009

Vampire "entertainment" etc not harmless

“Vampire” literature and other entertainment of this theme is not innocent escapism.

For years there has been a huge supply and thus growing appetite (pun intended) for vampire themed entertainment, especially books, but obviously pushed also on TV and via the movies. For years, too, I have been very concerned about this, since it is not just innocent imaginary escapism. Again, far from being a prude who is against edgy themes, I am warning of a very serious crime that takes place (in addition to the rotting of the minds of those who read this trash, of course).

There are many cultists who drink blood or use it in ceremony or “protective amulet” purposes, and the popularization of vampire literature acts as their “cover.” Deep inside they know that what they are doing is wrong, so by pushing it in the entertainment industry they rationalize that they are being “open” and “honest” that they exist. It’s a kind of technicality mentality, where they substitute a symbol for what is the actual truth and thus feel they are not lying or committing a crime.

By the way, astute readers of my series on “hell, demons and sin” can now recognize each occurrence of sin. First is having the foolish thought that drinking blood is ever an acceptable thing and having that occult belief. The second sin is looking at other humans, again, still in the mind, as being potential cult blood suppliers. The third individual sin is to identify potential useful sources of special blood, such as based on the potential victim’s astrology chart. The fourth individual sin is to actually obtain the blood directly or to induce someone else to sin and to obtain the blood on your behalf. The fifth individual sin is each and every possession of someone else’s blood and each and every “usage” of it. Thus dozens of individual sins are committed with each occurrence of the thought, planning, belief system and execution and usage of another person’s blood for occult purposes.

Blood using cultists have connections in hospitals and other medical care facilities, and are also eager supporters of blood drives. I wish I was joking but I am not. They thus are able to identify people that they think have special blood for their occult purposes, based on the person’s astrology chart, name and other characteristics that make these folks think that the person is someone particular from a so called bogus “past life,” etc. They then “sample” from legitimate blood collection processes. As you can guess, I’m a favorite source. Being someone with long experience in knowing what is normal procedure and what is not, I recognized a long time ago that a tremendous amount of my blood was being drawn relative to the medical procedure’s needs. I put two and two together and thus figured out what was going on when I was doing my undercover exploration of New Age and other beliefs, since they kept being directed to my attention (back when people thought I was a moron who just didn’t realize that the world was filled with ‘aliens,’ ‘reincarnated or old souls,’ ‘indigo children,’ and the pagan pantheon of so called gods and idols). One of the primary people I encountered had a professional connection in the hematology functions of health care and it was not too long for me to figure out the connection. They are obsessed with Mars/Ares (blood, so called god of war, etc) so even Stevie Wonder could have seen this one for what it is and yes indeed, even with my modest IQ, I figured it out.

They like to schedule blood drives and so forth on astrologically significant times, too. They are nothing if not attentive to detail. Ironically, they count blood drives as some of their “good deeds” and being “loving of neighbor” and “charitable,” since, like I said, they have a technicality approach to everything, including their totally sinful and doomed false view of divinity and the cosmos. God frowns on all of this, you know, the real God.

So parents, don’t encourage your kids to be fascinated with vampire culture because you are not only allowing them to waste their minds and souls on bogus and even sinful crap, but you are also enabling an industry that, partly consciously and partly unconsciously, thinks it is providing cover for some really awful witchcraft and occult activities. And for any readers who still have these dreadful mindsets I’m just going to tell you one thing. There simply is no truth to any of what you are doing. If you think you have “seen results” it has only been because of natural reasons, not because of your blood usage or consumption. Don’t send yourselves to eternal damnation for something that is totally bogus in the first place. No one has spiritually significant blood, including me.

Whether you are a Catholic, or even a Christian (nominally, obviously, if you believe in and practice this outrageous activity), this Lent would be a really good time to stop not only the activities but the thoughts associated with vampirism and occult attitudes toward blood, and if you are a Catholic this ought to be high on your Confession list.