Thursday, March 5, 2009

One more time about the error of "reincarnation"

There is no such thing as reincarnation, there never was and there never will be. I have written and explained about this topic repeatedly. I'm "returning" to the topic one more time to speak about a specific about this false belief that particularly irks me, since it is not even logical.

If you are going to fantasize about being "reincarnated," which you are not, at least have the common sense not to imagine being a reincarnated saint. How foolish is that? Would they not be the LAST persons to ever be "returned?" I mean, even Buddhists ought to understand that, as a Christian (or Patriarchal) saint is the equivalent of having achieved nirvana, to use one of their concepts. A saint, especially one who is martyred, has achieved perfection within God through Christ and they would be the LAST that anyone could fantasize as being.

What an ego trip! When will you people deal with the "one and only for once" that you ACTUALLY are?

To think that God (aka "the universe" in your wacky worldview) would "recycle" a saint shows such unbelievable ignorance of divinity that it really takes my breath away. Don't flatter yourselves. And those who were raised by their profane parents to believe that you are reincarnated anyones, especially saints, I am really sorrowful that you have had such crap shoved into your minds that can only have created neurosis. Do yourselves a huge free health favor and really push to understand what I've been saying and drop the belief in reincarnation (unless that is your orthodox traditional cultural ancestral family faith, where you believe in it in principle but do not run around trying to "identify" yours or anyone else's so called "past lives.") In my experience the people who most believe they are reincarnated divinity of any sort, such as saints, are the most lacking in genuine God oriented saintly outlook and are, instead, sadly, self obsessed and also obsessed with "merit" and "grace" like they are baseball scorecards and not genuine understanding of those Christian concepts.

Saints are those who are the MOST absorbed into the Godhead upon death, for goodness sakes.
Sheesh. It would be funny if the deeds done in the name of believing in "New Age" form of "reincarnation" have not been so terrible.