Monday, March 23, 2009

Who will raise the children from the dead?

A plane has crashed in Montana, and seven children are thought to have died. Children die every day in accidents, due to abuse, neglect, illness, disease, starvation, and deliberately through aborting the pre-born.

But every time something like this happens, when tiny innocent children lose their lives early through mishap, I wait to see when someone will step forth to raise them from the dead.

Why not? Many people claim to be Jesus Christ reincarnated. I wait for one of them, such as Joseph Kony, to step forward and demonstrate that spirit of Jesus, and raise a child from the smashed dead. Only Jesus could do that; he even raised Lazarus from the dead and fully restored him after he had lain decomposing for four days dead. But why do I only see from the "reincarnated" Jesus claimants more death and misery, instead of even one good raising from the dead of a small child?

Or what about our friends over in Scientology, one of those with the highest "OT" levels, which I guess from what I hear makes them godlike and impervious to harm. Could not one of them come out and do what Jesus alone could do?

Maybe Oprah could raise a child from the dead. I am not being mean or disrespectful; I am asking an honest question since she claims to promote truths about spirituality, including mastery of "The Secret." If "The Secret" gives anything that anyone wants, would not anyone who is kind wish to raise a small child from the dead and restore him or her to the family?

Pope Benedict XVI chastised those in Africa who believe in witchcraft and who do dreadful things to those they accuse of being witches or, if they are believing they are witches themselves, do dreadful things. So called witches and witch believers hunt living children for their body parts; is that not the opposite of raising a child from the dead, restoring them to healthy and complete body, and their family?

So those who know "secrets," have achieved "mastery" and "enlightment," or are one of the many "reincarnated Jesus' around," where have you been and why have you not at least matched what Jesus did? Hmm.

We know that even the good physicians of modern times cannot prevent death of a child if death is inevitable, and I sure don't see any modern doctors raising children from the dead. So is medicine superior to the real Jesus Christ, who he was, and who he remains in heaven, or not?

Being broke I can't pay any of you to raise a child from the dead, but of course I know with your "Christ consciousness" you would not charge anyone money for that anyway, would you?

I myself cannot raise a child from the dead, even though I know "how Jesus did it," through God. I'm so battered I can't even sweep a fever away from a child, even though I once could. Ah well.

What happens to humanity and to the real world when there are more false prophets than there are "civilians?" We may be finding out. Even the bats who protect humans from insects are dying by the millions, and people are too blind to see that disaster unfolding.

And you wonder why there are so many problems that seem unsolvable. At least, some of you wonder, while the rest fiddle while Rome burns (and I don't mean the Catholic Church; look the expression up, it is something the Emperor Nero is alleged to have done, and then he blamed the fire on Christians and burned them too).

I do not think the world can be saved, as in restored to where it should have been. Much of the world might be salvagable, but every day that is wasted is like one hundred years of woe.