Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another creative writing/detox exercise

I hope that many of you enjoyed and found useful and thought provoking my previous blog entries suggesting ways to refresh one's creative writing process. The purpose is to lose many of the depressive, occult and anti-life, anti-God and anti-spiritual seepage that modern society and entertainment has imposed, especially on the young.

While having lunch today (pizza) I suddenly thought of another scenario that you could use as the basis for a creative writing exercise. As with my previous suggestions you can either fully develop the storyline or you can just use it as a point to think about and receive some creative inspiration. As always the story lines that I suggest may have an element of "fantasy" or "science fiction," but are firmly grounded in reality and what is easily possible and feasible. Whenever you write, strive for that yourself, since it keeps the mind and spirit from becoming toxic, where it only imagines the unfeasible (under the "anything is possible" delusion) and the relentlessly warlike or depressive.


Suppose that during the time that the Nazis were in power, both previous to and during World War II until their fall, they had a secret activity, one that would become obvious and virtually inescapable only after they had been defeated.

What if the Nazis had worked to infest all materials throughout the world with evidence of their insignia and sayings. For example, they would get a person in every factory in the world to secret within the manufacturing process an engraving of "Heil Hitler." So every automobile, for example, would have in the chassis those words engraved somewhere, and every automotive part that was made had initials, or dates, or that saying, or some other saying, or the swastika engraved. What if clothes makers in their hire hid within the folded hems of all clothes being manufactured Nazi sayings. So for example, within the cuff of trousers, or within the pocket of blue jeans, secret embroideries were placed. And what if within every book printed during those years, Nazi sympathizers inserted "Heil Hitler" in the spines of the book? Food containers would have special lettering hidden under the lid or the labels, or in the box flaps, and so forth. What if masons laid stones in houses, buildings, churches with such things carved?

Now, in this scenario, there is no point to their doing this other than to keep the wounds open forever, after they are gone. Do not develop this storyline the obvious modern way, which is that they do with with "special powers." Think of it as unbelievably comprehensive anticipatory stalking, and nothing else.

So the way this storyline works, even after the Nazis are defeated, the guilty are jailed or executed, and history unfolds exactly as it actually did (Beatles and all, Vietnam, etc...) everyone around the world is constantly reminded on a daily basis of Nazi dogma as their labels and slogans continue to inescapably pop up everywhere.

So........... develop in your story line what life and the human psyche would be like today if that occurred. Remember, history is exactly the same (for example, Mr. Obama is President now) with the only difference being that everyone everywhere receives constant daily unpleasant reminders of Nazi doctrine, even sewn into their underwear.

Suggestions to explore:

1. Do people become resigned and manage to "turn it off" or do they fight back and there is an industry formed of people who try to root out these continuous stalking messages?

2. How far can they go in rooting it out, if every home built during that era has something hidden in it about Nazis?

3. How would this have affected Shoah survivors and specifically Jews, both in and outside of Israel?

4. How would the priorities of the Israeli government differ if they too are burdened with this continuous stalking within all their products?

5. What would the schools be teaching kids about this problem? What would they teach and is it different than what you, as the creative author, think they should be teaching?

To get the right mindset, picture these as verbal and written IEDs. So just as IEDs have been a terrible weapon in Iraq, imagine Nazi verbal and pictorial "IEDs" that are planted absolutely everywhere, in secret places, found when least expected.

For example, your favorite shirt pocket tears and when you go to fix it there in the torn seams staring back at you is a tiny embroidery label of "Heil Hitler?"

Would this stalking eventually make modern kids curious and think that something so powerful as this plan must mean being a Nazi is worth looking into? Would society be dealing with half of its population freaked and wearied by this stalking, while the younger half has to battle being tempted and intrigued by it?

Think about it and sleep well. LOL.