Thursday, May 14, 2009

More regarding the Pope's visit

I was very happy at the warm reception given to the Holy Father at the Aida Palestinian refugee camp yesterday. Unlike cynics, I do not feel that Palestinians "exploited" the Pope's visit at all. Rather, as I know all too well, when a group is marginalized, and then has a chance to have some moments to speak on the world stage, it is wise, not exploitative, to seize the opportunity, especially when they are speaking their truths from their hearts.

Today was also a good day, I believe, with such a warm welcome given to the Pope in Nazareth. The Church of the Annunciation, by the way, is one of my favorites. The meaning of what happened there is unmistakable and supported, not suppressed, by the architecture.

I was also glad at the tone of the meeting with the Prime Minister. At last, a meeting that does not include nagging about the Pope's choice of words regarding the history of Israel. Maybe with a few more meetings like that, people can look to solving the problems of the present and the future, yes? I am not saying this without sympathy. As I've blogged before, people need to understand the indelible scar on the Jewish psyche caused by the Shoah, and I know it well.

But sometimes the Jews act like this with the Pope. They keep trying to press into his hands a list of groceries to buy, thinking he is a greengrocer, while he is actually a carpenter. Being mad when he does not accept the grocery list, but constructs a structure of mutual dialogue and support, is illogical and a problem of being stuck in an inaccurate, but understandable, mindset. Stop nagging the carpenter to be a greengrocer who is given a list of "essentials" to fill. Accept, instead, the greater essential that he offers.