Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Continuing to reach out to cultists

Even though stalking cultists have ruined my life (and those of countless others, either deliberately or through neglect, since the error of their beliefs cause them to neglect people and activities who are essential to good life and ultimately salvation), I continue to sincerely reach out to them through this blog. I blog less than I have because I pretty much have said everything that I can say in this format, and only repeat myself.

However, I mention this today to share with you an example of wrong "Christian thinking." Since my life has been ruined and I'm on the brink of bankruptcy, I've become a housekeeper for a Christian man who has a rental facility in his home. In return for housekeeping I have a free room and food and utilities to meet my needs. He's a good guy and tries to do the right thing.

However, as many Christians I have met, he has a serious error in his logic. He knows about the stalking but rather than this knowledge providing more insight into my service on behalf of God (my witnessing) he actually is confounded why I continue to "spend so much time on the computer" and why I blog and hence communicate with the cultists. He basically said that I am provoking cultists by communicating with them, (thus the old "asking for it" argument that men used to use against women who are sexually assaulted).

The vast majority of the stalking, and damage to me, was done before I was blogging, before I understood that many people have skewed and even insane views of God, the Bible, the Qur'an, etc. Far from blogging being me "engaging with" those who have harmed me in a bad way, I continue to believe that my blogging is helping some people somewhere to regain their sanity and to better understand God.

Too many Christians do not understand that in addition to confessing Jesus Christ, they are also OBLIGATED to correct error (there are Biblical citations on that, of course). I do not do it for obligatory reasons, and especially not because I am in some demented way "asking for it." I continue to blog because I pray that each time that I do at least one person (yes, even the worst of stalkers) asks the right questions, receives comfort, and starts to regain their sanity and ultimately find their true belief and be saved from being judged and expelled from God's presence for all eternity.

Time's a wasting. Every day I read obituaries and while no one can speak for God, believe you me I continue to be alarmed at seeing how many people died unrepentant and unsaved.

Many Christians worry more about who is cheating on who (adultery in particular fascinates them) and even worry about gay marriages (which I am not in favor of however I believe in commitment acknowledgements and I spend zero amount of my time worrying about gay marriage or not) but do not worry at all about having erroneous beliefs about God, many of which border on cultist and pagan beliefs and idolatry.

An example would be a so called Christian who secretly engages in occult practices, such as Scientology "tech." That is a great error and I am alarmed at how many of those Christians think they are "covered" regarding being saved because they "believe in Jesus Christ," yet who participate in anti-Godly activities.

I continue to URGENTLY reach out to those people to keep reading my blog, go back and reread with new eyes what I have written in the past (I tire of repeating myself). "Believing in Jesus" is not coverage from continuing in occult, idolatrous or other obsessive compulsive tech type activities that are a way of trying to have sinful control over others.