Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One of Satan's secret techniques

I'm going to clue you in on one of Satan's favorite techniques for tempting people to extremely grave sin. Those of you who are prone to cults need to take special note of this, as you surely have or will experience it. The consequences are dire.

Satan "rewards" people who commit sexual, violent or other abuse against men, women or children of God with an extremely heightened pleasure feedback. Often the abuser has a heightened sexual arousal by abusing a person of the faith than even a more physically attractive ordinary person. There is no secret to that phenomenon because biologically it is the attraction of the "forbidden fruit." To put it bluntly, molesting someone committed to God is "off limits" (obviously) but then to the broken and fallen state of so called humanity, it makes this offense even more erotic and attractive to potential abusers. Drug and alcohol usage is guaranteed to be a factor in destroying the normal boundaries that should exist, so do make note of that too.

So the biological and broken psyche reason for all too many to be tempted to abuse someone of a holier or even "just" a different faith or spirituality is not the secret and is not a mystery: it is explained, as above, through sheer horrible human biology, broken psychology, addiction and sinfulness. What is the "secret" is that Satan gives a special zetz (to use a Yiddish word), a special zest and erotic supercharged power to those he is able to tempt to such an action. That's what takes it to the cult level.

In war, we all know soldiers and pillagers who have gone raping and abusing, targeting the vulnerable, and a small segment of them have always sought out nuns, children at religious schools, etc for abuse. That's happened throughout history and also recently in India. However, here is the difference. That's violent, sinful and supercharged "normal" depravity of humans that explode in certain circumstances, such as war and riots. These guys and gals (yes, even women do it) typically do not "go home" and continue on that pattern (assuming they are not caught and prosecuted).

Cultists, however, succumb to Satan's extra sexual and sensory temptation, and they now make abuse of people of God an ongoing addiction and pattern. Those people will continue to sexually abuse those who belong to God because Satan gives them an extra sensory "reward" and they become addicted as if with the worst of all drugs. Now they can hardly stop and if they cannot physically abuse, they find other ways to do it (such as porn, or through sadistic manipulation of the victims' lives). They codify this abuse into their cult beliefs, telling themselves they "must" do it, for whatever stupid and evil self rationalizing they muster up for themselves and each other. You'd think that women would resist this, but cult women can be some of the worst of the pervert enablers. This is because Satan tempts them too, as he did Eve, through the power of the "apple," so to speak. They feel heightened in their so called "powers" by encouraging the men (and some women) around them to visually or literally violate others who belong to God, feeling that drags their victims down and elevates themselves.

So Satan enhances the regular brokenness of such humans in three ways. One is he gives an extra sexual and other biochemical "reward" to those who abuse the holy, or the spiritually different. Two is he tempts the person to rationalize it and even codify the abuse until it becomes addictive ritual and never ending. Three he destroys the morality compass of women who would otherwise oppose this behavior, by tempting them to believe they are reincarnated divinities, high priestesses of whatever, or some other power centered "spirituality," just as he so easily tempted Eve in the first place with the same kind of logic.

Most Christians feel more comfortable with a scriptural basis for even my lessons that are based on psychology and understanding of spiritual forces, and rest assured, there is scriptural foundation for what I am explaining to you here. Read Daniel 13, a story many of you are familiar with, but this time, read it with the explanation I have given to you in mind and think about it.

This event is not included just to demonstrate the endurance of a virtuous woman, Susanna, or the brilliance of Daniel in uncovering the guilt of the two elders who abused her. This event merited inclusion in the Bible-the sacred word of God-as an example of how such temptation by even the supposedly "holy" (the elders) to commit shocking abuse on even the most holy (the married virtuous woman) through the power of Satan enhancing "regular" lust and sinfulness. While Satan is not mentioned by name, make special note of Daniel 13:9:

They suppressed their consciences; they would not allow their eyes to look to heaven, and did not keep in mind just judgments.

Satan is the one who gives ordinary humans (especially the fallen "holy" such as these elders, who are judges in the service of God after all) to have the power not "to look to heaven." Can you imagine being a holy person, committed to being of God's and then being able to resist looking toward God? That is the great temptation of cultists and Christians and indeed all of the faith or of pretend faiths, and Satan provides that power.

When you read what happened during this historical event, you see the rapid progression that only Satan can provide. The men quickly go from plotting to visually abuse her, physically abuse her if they can to immediately seeking her death as a result of their false witness against her. This is not a peep show problem, or even the classic creep rapist or war time abuser. These elders, judges of God, immediately decided to try to have her put to death when she refused their advances. Instead of "snapping out of it" and coming to their senses at seeing her pain and virtue "the two wicked elders also came, fully determined to put Susanna to death" Daniel 13:28.

This is why God raised up the holy spirit of Daniel, when he was a young man, and he confronted the elders and the crowd of the foolish who were so quick to enable the false charges. Inspired by God after Daniel proved Susanna's innocence he said:

"Your fine lie has cost you also your head," said Daniel; "for the angel of God waits with a sword to cut you in two so as to make an end of you both" Daniel 13:59.

Daniel is not referring to the Mosaic law to put them to death, which is indeed what happened. Daniel is referring to the angel of God (the form of God that speaks through the angel of judgment at death) who will make an end to them both by casting them in hell (thus ending their souls through eternity in perdition).

You need to read this as a "case study" as to how cultists and tainted religious are tempted and enhanced by the power of Satan to rapidly agree to and become blind to the escalating sin and dire consequences of abuse of the innocent holy or the spiritual "other." It is a hallmark of Satan to enhance the physiological, biological, emotional and neural temptations of humans as a prelude to then "justifying" it by making such addictive ongoing abuse an "alternate theology." If these elders had not been caught by Daniel they would, of course, have continued such abuse and have done the most ungodly rationalizing most sacrilegiously in God's very name. This is precisely why God would not allow it in this case and raised up Daniel, not only to prevent this travesty, but also to be in the sacred scriptures as warning of the dire consequences of that very temptation.

Beware, beware, beware.