Sunday, May 17, 2009

Detoxing from pornography

Here is a fantastic article, at the following Jerusalem Post link.

And just a quick word about the dire danger of pornography. It is not an issue of being a "prude." Pornography, as it exists today, works to erode a human's sanity and their survival ability. Pornography, as it exists today (not as it used to be, which was difficult to get, much softer in its presentation, and an almost rare "treat" event, rather than an addiction) erodes one's very health, one's very soul, one's coping mechanisms for life in general and, ultimately, destroys all chance of genuine love and intimacy, either with another human being or, in a spiritual sense, with God. Porn addiction can be thought of as being like someone so addicted to drugs that they stop drinking water or eating food, and they starve to death, but in this case, pornography blocks normal life, normal brain processes, normal intimate relationships and, ultimately, the normal state of the soul.

Do everything that you can to break your own addiction, or to do an intervention for family members, friends or work colleagues to help them understand the above dangers, and that it is not a question of being "liberated" or that those who warn of the danger of pornography are "just prudes." Pornography will place a person in an earthly hell first, because it estranges them from real normal life and the comfort of sane real intimacy, and secondly, in the actual hell after death, because it becomes as powerful an idol as if one was worshiping Beelzebub, and when one is estranged from God by continually selecting a corrupting alternative as one's priority, one ends up in hell when one is judged by God at one's death.

I cannot over-emphasize how much porn has ruined mental and spiritual health and has been a prime reason in many-including self proclaimed "saved" Christians-from NOT, I repeat, not achieving salvation in heaven.