Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More about diplomacy

Read, study and think about each of these quotations, as there is a lot of wisdom and experience, seasoned with wry humor and painful truth.

I found this list when looking for the one I really wanted to share with you, the one by Moshe Dayan.

The Jewish proverb one is also interesting. It comes from scripture, where God has said that he will raise up enemies against the Israelites when they were disobedient to him.

Young people, I hope you spend extra time thinking about these quotes, as part of detaching yourself from combative and bumper sticker mentality, which infests your parental and teacher generation, *sigh*. Behind every wise saying there is a lot of thought, experience and nuance to appreciate, ponder, and incorporate into your thinking, viewpoints and approaches.

Yes, I'm posting this because of all the flack about "bad people" and "enemies" visiting because of the UN gathering! Read the Moshe Dayan one, one that I've quoted many times, but often thinking that Golda Meir had said it! (They were amazing leaders and are worth studying for both their successes and their misses).