Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to ruin a good party

So you are a 'saved' Christian, and to your delight, *BAM*, the tribulations commence, you survive them, and the Jesus Christ arrives for the End of Times and the final judgment, riding his white horse (and with a double edged sword emitting from his mouth).

Delighted, you run up to him, thrilled you were right, and before He says anything to you, you bleat out to him:

"I knew I was right, that I'd be saved, and that the End of Times would come while I'm alive. My sister, who is reincarnated Blessed Virgin Mary, and my aunt, who is reincarnated Mary Magdeline, also agreed with me! Though actually sometimes we wondered if my brother was Mary Magdeline, since we know that in reincarnation the sexual genders often change!!"

That ruins a good party for sure. And you won't even have time to get your asbestos underwear (aka "long johns") donned before you will need them ;-)