Saturday, September 26, 2009

Music talk follow-up

For a simple yet profound place to do some individual thought and study about what I said in the previous post, do a search for lyrics of bluesman Robert Johnson's songs and read them.

Hint, start with one of my favorites, "Crossroad blues."

The lyrics seem simple at a glance, but that is one of the clues, for in a few lines he's conveyed profound validity and truthful images, yet in strikingly artful ways. I don't mean just because he mentions the Lord. Look at the image of the rising sun going down. He conveys sadness by implying that the sun which has just risen is already setting. So you can believe in a truthful and realistic world and still convey incredible power in music.

And most of all, keep in mind these artists were writing real words with what they really meant, not filled with anagrams and coded messages. You can listen to the song and believe what you hear as being both valid and truthful.