Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Read Mr. Gadhafi's comments about the UN

Do a search for the AP article. I cannot disagree with his observations regarding the structure of the UN, its great failure to prevent 65 wars, and the pointlessness of the so called "Security Council" structure. Putting aside some of its significant, yet still flawed, humanitarian efforts, which Mr. Gadhafi is not addressing, one cannot argue with his acute and insightful observation of the facts.

Western propaganda and popular mindset wants to give high marks to great efforts, even if the results are all fails. It's like giving a student a passing grade because he or she tried to make the stuff up really hard. In stark contrast to that flawed mindset, the Bible teaches that by the fruit you shall know the tree.

Friends, especially young people, ask yourself in politics and in all life matters: what results, regardless of the effort put into it, are being yielded? What is the fruit from each tree? Do not start out with the assumption that a tree, such as the UN, is "good," and then make constant excuses for one rotten apple after the other falling out of the tree. Is that not a "duh" opportunity or what?

Evaluate objectively the dropping thuds of rotten fruit over the decades of the UN, such as:
1. Its dismal record in solving or preventing any conflict at all.
2. Sexual and other abuse by UN forces, particularly in Africa.
3. Crimes and corruption by UN staff who then have "diplomatic immunity."
4. UN "representatives" from the immoral media with laughable "role models."
5. Leadership in complex topics (climate change) that they know absolutely nothing about.

And there is more. There are a lot of dropped rotten apple "thuds" to overlook over the past decades while still parroting that "the UN 'does a lot of good.'"