Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do not pray intentions to angels except the 3

This is very urgent and important. When you are doing "intentional" prayer (asking for intercession or for strength or inspiration) never pray "open ended" to angels. The only exceptions are the Biblical archangels (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel) and it is also OK to ask one's guardian angel for protection, as Jesus mentioned them explicitly. Do NOT pray to "angels" in general except to honor them as a community in the liturgy, where the intentions cannot be mistaken and are properly directed.

Why is that? First of all it is obvious that one should not pay homage through intercessory prayer to non-Biblical figures. Yes, angels are mentioned in the Bible: but both the angels that chose heaven, and those who chose to follow Lucifer into not serving. When you "open end" prayer to "angels" you are addressing both groups, dummies. God only knows who is responding to you. Many of you who invoke the power and protection of angels in general are receiving responses from "the other place."

In fact, the Qur'an also makes this clear because God brings the obedient angels with him and tells them to pay homage to Adam. By this God is doing two things. He is demonstrating that angels love and honor humans only because God loves humans; they do not do so "naturally." Angels are not the fluffy little cuddly spirits with pretty Renaissance gowns that only want to tiptoe around and give you stock tips and help you out of jams you have gotten yourself into that modern New Agers have made them. Angels are fully devoted to God and are quite fierce (read Apocalypse again if you need a reminder).

Thus it is fine and appropriate to honor the angels as a group within the liturgy of the Mass, for example, as in that consecrated time and space it is obvious who is being mentioned. We know that because the Lord instructed Israel to ornament the Ark with angels. Thus it is fine and appropriate to honor and respect angels in the organized place of Christian worship.

It is also scripturally sound to, within reason, appeal to the three Biblical archangels as they have been clearly identified as being messengers of benevolence from God to humans. Thus it is fine to ask Michael, Raphael and Gabriel for assistance and spiritual strength and purity.

Also, one's individual guardian angel is a gift from God, so obviously one can turn to one's guardian angel, such as in the traditional prayers of the evening. One's guardian angel is of the Holy Spirit, and obviously one is in totally pure handling when one commits one's self to the Holy Spirit. Most importantly, as I mentioned, Jesus, when chastising the disciples who sought to block children from approaching him, mentioned that their guardian angels constantly face God and therefore one has total confidence in knowing that it is scripturally sound to be respectful of one's own guardian angel and to know of their totality of connection through the Holy Spirit to God.

However, when you address prayer intentions to "angels" in general, you have an inaccurate image in your mind of what angels are and what they "do." Thus, if you think you are getting "a response" you should be quite alarmed. The demonic powers jump at every opportunity to mimic what one thinks one is evoking. This, by the way, is one of the dire and deadly errors of paganism. Paganism assumes knowledge of qualities of spirits that both don't exist and are also inaccurate representations of natural forces. Thus when one appeals in what one thinks is a good frame of mind and intention to spiritual forces that one is inaccurate about in the first place, Satan, the demons and also human's own unconscious hubris tends to accept that invitation to "put on the mask" and "respond," and thus starts messing with your mind and your soul. That never ends up in a good place.

I cannot believe the foolishness by which several generations of New Age and other inclined people have called down upon themselves a "spirituality" that is, to put it kindly, imaginary angel imitating. I have commented before that the genuine angels have quite a disgust for humans who do that and if you don't believe me, reread the Apocalypse, for there it all comes to a head. Notice those are not named angels (except for Michael) who wield the destruction and tribulations upon earth.

So stick with praying to God, to asking for the intervention of Mary, Joseph, and the saints, who you know are with God and pure in his eyes and respond only to his will. Honor angels as the servants of God in the liturgy, and of course one can safely address the Biblical three archangels who are designated messengers to humans, and also one's own guardian angel (but understanding they are gifts themselves, not gift and favor dispensers to you). Only God dispenses favors, gifts and grace.

Innocence of intention is absolutely no protection. If you "innocently" pray to angels in general, Satan deludes the innocent even more eagerly and quickly than the cynical. When so called "intuitives" and "psychics" bring you descriptions of angels and "messages" from them, the demons ("jin" if you are Muslim) are laughing their asses off, because you sure are not receiving messages from God's angels. They do one of two things. They either watch your own mind fool yourself and laugh, laugh, laugh, or they take on the appearance of what you think you are invoking and laugh, laugh, laugh as they mislead you to a very bad place, under some very sweet outer coating and coverage.

Whenever you are tempted to "channel" an "angel" or "the angels," reread the Apocalypse and then decide not, repeat, not to pray to "angels" in general.