Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unseemly joy by some for more abortions

Unseemly joy by some for more abortions

What I am about to say should disquiet both “sides” of the abortion “debate.” I am going to start out by criticizing the “pro choice” (favors abortion) side. Regardless of how one feels about two reversals in Bush policy that had limited what some consider abortion rights, there is a breathless joy and euphoria by the “pro choice” side whenever they find a way to spread abortion, which is very unseemly.

There are two policies that are making the news. One was an early executive order by President Bush to curtail federal funding to international family planning organizations that include abortion in their menu of services to women. President Obama rescinded that order this past week. Now, I have to tell you that I was never thrilled with that policy (this is the part that will pain the pro life side) in the first place. Why? Not because I favor abortion and certainly not the spreading of the throw away snot rag approaches that the West has toward babies being spread throughout the world. So I find Western aid organizations that promote abortion in countries other than their own abhorrent. If you believe in abortion being made more available in other countries you should view it as a medical issue and train clinics and send supplies, not promote and push abortion in a country as if you are a Mexican drug lord pushing drugs in the USA. So I have no sympathy for international “family planning groups” who only wish to promote more abortion in other countries, like pushers looking for a new market. (Just as they have done for the Afro-American, Native American and Latino cultures here in the USA, when they had saturated getting white women to abort their babies and started to run out of “market”). They are hypocrites of the first order because if they truly favored abortion they would view it as a medical procedure and work through each country’s own medical ethos and services to improve the safety of what is already offered under the law, not cultivate a new “taste” for abortion among poor women in foreign lands.

However, having said that, humans cannot be stopped from degradation of their own culture and promoting of sin through force or law. This is why I was uneasy with Bush’s prohibition in the first place. Humans have shown that time after time they have to see for themselves how low into the dirt they can fall. Abortion is an example of where, just like in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, humans have to see how far and for how long they can avert their eyes from wrong. So yes, I know the pro life lobby is wringing their hands at this, but you have to be more realistic about the continuing fall of humanity. You cannot stop entropy, the dissolving of morals and decency, when it has momentum, and abortion has had the momentum for decades now. You have to let it fall, watch the women surrender their dignity and their own respect for life, until it has fallen as far as it can and then even the “users” of abortion start to have a bad taste in their mouths. We have seen a small amount of this begin to happen in the USA, where women who have hit rock bottom, both pushing and receiving abortions, have started to question how yummy was that freedom, really?

And so I have always felt that the bottom, the muck, has to be tested, fallen into and found by each culture and each society, each government and each gender and age group. Do the young people of today feel that abortion is a wonderful “sacrament,” with the discarded embryo "blob" (that just happens to have eyes, fingers and toes) a sign of women’s “empowerment” like their parents did and still do? Do the fathers think that a lover is really that hot if she thinks nothing of throwing away your baby? Is that alluring? Is that sexy? Is that emancipating? Somehow I think that slowly the young generation of this country has seen the dirt and the muck of the “rock bottom” vile swamp that their parents have given to them, and are starting to lift their heads up from it. So too, I have always thought, each country will have to face the temptation of the abortion pimps and procuresses when they come knocking on their door. Thus I felt that Bush’s policy about funding, in a way, stalled the “final battle,” if one insists on thinking of it that way. Let the abortion pimps go into each country and try to abort other people’s babies and see which of them say “yes” and take the money.

God has repeatedly shown in the Bible that humans cannot be stopped from finding the lowest part of their fall into the dirt. In fact, they get angry with God when God tries to dissuade them, or even punishes them, on their way down. Humans insist on going to the very bottom and taking as many people along with them as they can. The great temptation is to “go along with it” and look the other way. This is why abortion is indeed comparable to the Holocaust of World War II. I mean, how many Jews did it take, and how many trains did it take, before the Allies would target that foul business? Years and years of deporting of Jews (and others) and their torture and murder took place and the Allies would not accept masses of immigrants nor would they bomb the train lines and target the “plan,” the Holocaust and its infrastructure. Likewise millions of babies must be aborted, it seems, and before humans raise their heads from the slime long enough to see what has happened to themselves and their own society. I oppose delaying people from discovering that for themselves, as that, truly, is the fastest and ultimately only way to stop the fall.

If you read the Bible you will notice a pattern. People are continually tempted by themselves and each other to degenerate. God continually sends prophets to warn them. The prophets are continually ignored, persecuted and even tortured and killed. The society then inevitably falls.

The second rule that abortionists are breathlessly and with tingling on their legs, that frisson of erotic power pleasure was pushed through by Bush as a final days in office measure. It is meant to protect the rights of those who are in healthcare who oppose abortion to refuse to perform abortion related services, including dispensing of pharmaceuticals. I also did not agree with that executive order so, guess what, President Obama and abortionists, go ahead and repeal it. I disagreed with it for the reasons I mention above, and also because it’s ridiculous to push something through in your final days, like some cheap gift that you pick up because you suddenly remember it’s someone’s birthday and you pass a dollar store and grab something. Laws that protect the rights of those who oppose abortion on the workplace should either be thoughtfully considered and appropriate laws crafted, or not at all. I am somewhat lukewarm about such an approach, though. I think that the focus of such protection should be on institutions, such as Catholic hospitals, rather than individual by individual.

Let’s use a “New Age” example so that liberals can have a thrill and better understand what I am saying. Suppose that liberals who are health food fanatics charter a hospital that is entirely based on health food, so only vegetarian menus are supplied to patients, etc. I’d actually have no trouble with that. Assuming they provide standard and good care, so what if they won’t serve you meat, eggs, etc while you are a patient there? And what if their products must be recyclable and so forth? I really would not care. I’d not even care if they made the whole thing a Buddhist hospital (so long as they don’t think my medical chart is of reincarnated Eva Braun). However, I’d have a problem with a grocery store clerk who refuses to ring up my meat purchase at the local store because he or she objects to the eating of meat. I think that such a person should either ring up my meat purchase or get a job with the vegetarian hospital. Likewise I believe that rights to object to abortion, birth control and other moral judgments must be recognized and protected institution by institution and not individual by individual. Thus I was always dubious of the argument to protect individual moral objections and qualms when they are employed by a company or organization that does not have an overarching umbrella of recognition of their stance and requirements for protection such as a Catholic hospital.

So for both the “we have to let people fall as far as they insist on going” reasons, and for also logical, legal and policy practicality reasons, I was never thrilled with either of the Bush initiatives, and go ahead, sweep them away.

However, I have to really ask the “pro choice” side why they have such glee and joy over such a sad topic, whether you believe in abortion or not. Building a new school is something to go “yippee” and skip while you are picking and grinning and clicking your heels about. Forcing someone who does not believe in abortion or birth control to dispense your pills is just cheap and mean spirited, and says more about you than it does about them. Likewise, rubbing your hands in glee and thinking “At last! We can get into Zambia or wherever and push more abortions!” just is not something that I’d feel that tingle of joy about, even if I believed in the “cause.” That would be as if our soldiers were like, “Yippee! Here’s another country to invade so we can kill lots of people!” It’s a job and a patriotic duty; I know as I had many World War II era servicemen in my family (real ones, not imaginary reincarnated ones, by the way). Soldiers are eager to take the fight to the enemy when that is what is called of them to do. Soldiers do not hope for a war so that more people can be killed. Pro abortionists ought to look at their “calling” with a little more sober reflection and a bit more “necessary evil” (and thus work through the society’s existing medical system) rather than glee at “more business.”

Their breathless anticipation of President Obama’s every “pro choice” move is unseemly. If you want him to do it, then fine, he’s going to do it. But like the whole “pro choice” movement of the past several decades, I just don’t think that aborted babies is something to get the funny hats, the gilded invitations, the home video and the confetti out about, singing “We’re having a party, everyone’s aborting!” Try to muster some scraps of your decency and dignity, please.