Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OK, an exercise hint

I can hear the people who have engineering orientations and are heavy number crunchers screaming that the exercise I just proposed is impossible, LOL. So here is a hint about one-just one-way to understand that it is not impossible.

Suppose these people need to cut one hundred boards of exactly the same length for construction, but they don't use numbers for counting (either quantity or dimensions) but use colors instead.

What if they used a prism that generated a detailed pictorial of a color spectrum, and using a color filter or wheel they can define a certain length as being one line on the standard color spectrum and quantity being another line on the spectrum?

Engineers would have standard access to spectrums and modifying color wheels that act as filters for different purposes. People then use a precise reading of a spectrum line to represent a quantity. "No numbers or counting are used in this, simply visual comparison of colors and their spectrum lines."

This is one way that precise work can be done and replicated without numbers. It's a hint how a color based computer would work too, and not via just a bit based system that uses color instead of 0 or 1. It would be like a visual (optical recognition) manipulation of matrices of colors and spectrum lines!!!

Once you loosen from the tyranny of thinking that human tools rule humans and not the other way around, you realize there are other ways that could be used, and you start to loose the compulsions of OCD and occult type of thinking.