Sunday, February 15, 2009

Economic renewal not recovery

Not to word smith, but just make a point that while using the descriptive word "recovery" regarding the economy, I think you should keep in mind that "renewal" or "restoration" are more accurate. So use the word "recovery" but keep "renewal" in mind. Why? Because you are not trying to recover, as in go back to, the position just before the crisis since that erroneous position caused the problem.

For example, people should not hope to recover the economy back to its previous position of relying on phony money on Wall Street, such as complex derivatives and the mortgage "products" that were high wire acts without a net. As I've blogged before I saw first hand that corporate executives have had an attitude of individuals making a killing rather than individuals making a living. Immoral and false monetary tools are simply ways to invent money and give it to the few who are "in on the act."

Meanwhile genuine jobs that create genuine product disappear, are outsourced, or given to immigrants since they are "beneath" the corporate Illuminati.

The economy will not "recover," as in become healthy again, if corporate executives, all the way down to small business owners, do not restore their own view of how the economy should work and succeed, so that the most can be prosperous doing work that is real and of value.

I've written about this before, so I won't repeat myself. But people must change their minds and their hearts about the American dream (and, indeed, the global universal aspiration of just about everyone) to not be only about raising prices and raising incomes and being on the endless hamster wheel. People have been enslaved in this economy so that there is only one way to survive, and that remains precarious too. The answer cannot be just to think only of products that liberate money from people's wallets and call that free market and success.