Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Economic crisis: stop being part of problem

I want to address the people who are making wise cracks about socialism and irresponsible homeowners who got bad mortgages, who have children they "can't afford," and those who didn't "prepare themselves" for the "new economy" (whatever that was).

Stop being part of the problem, and prepare to start being part of the solution.

First of all, I am sick of hearing people (mostly conservatives) who state that people do not have a right to own a home, have children etc.

You are dead wrong and that is, as I've pointed out, one of the problems with this phony and mean spirited "free market" "capitalism" that has ruined this country and much of the western economies.

True capitalism arose from agrarian societies where people built their own shelters and supplied their own food, and had as many children as the food supply could support.

I have explained that human beings arose and developed civilization and genuine capitalism via understanding that there is a natural expectation that one can create for one's self shelter, food and a family.

Thus any capitalism that does not realize that every human has a right to basic shelter, food and the ability to have unrestricted children (not as "economic options") is not genuine capitalism.

This does not mean that everyone is entitled to a McMansion. But it is not the fault of the people when society herds them so that that is the only choice that they have.

At this point in so called civilization this country at the very least should have been overflowing with cheap homes and apartments, and jobs that allow everyone to have shelter, whether a home or an apartment. Likewise children should have been recognized as a human right and a treasure, not as pawns in the abortion ping pong video game.

I am still shocked to my very core of being at where this country has gone. There is no excuse that there is not an abundance of good jobs, that while paying modest wages are more than sufficient for one person to comfortably afford housing and to support a family.

There is NO EXCUSE for this disaster that is ongoing. The very least conservatives and well paid liberals can do is shut the F*** up, while you are pulling in your very undeserved salaries living in your McMansions that you do not deserve at all.

I could reach through this screen and punch in the face the next fat ass "expert" behind a microphone that bleats that people do not have a right to a home. F*** YOU.

I just read that a man in Ohio, a carpenter, lost his job, so he killed his wife (who had reduced hours at a senior home) and his son, and then himself.


If you are not going to help than at least shut up and be grateful for what you have, especially you miserable ignorant media moron asshats.