Saturday, February 14, 2009

Talk radio

I don't believe in the "Fairness Doctrine" since it is far from fair. It is anti-free market because it seeks to insert opposing and extraneous opinions (usually liberal) into successful niche market (usually conservative) talk show radio programs. If no one wants to listen to liberal talk then the market needs to weed out what does not appeal and reward what does.

Having said that, though, I have stopped listening to virtually all the conservative talk shows that I used to listen to (even when I did not agree with them I enjoyed their vigor and perspectives). Why? Because I cannot stand more negativity and that is all they offer right now. One can be faithful and patriotic "party in the opposition" yet still be reasonable, proactive and encouraging toward those who have won the elections, and who now bear the burden of producing results in this dire, dire time.

Conservative talk radio, in general, has become too unmitigatingly negative toward President Obama, those who are in office, and the majority of the USA citizenry who voted for them, such that listening to them feels unAmerican to me. So just turn the dial if you disagree, as I have.

Honestly, I cannot listen to one more moment of how awful this country is, how ignorant the Democrats are, how wonderfully pious and believing one is in God (specifically your denomination of course), how many soldiers you have entertained, and how smart you were to start collecting gold and building your gun festooned bunker years ago, and how lazy people are who do not "get a job and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps." It's like a scratch on the record that makes the needle skip and fall back into the same place over and over and over again and just won't stop. Michael Steele sure has his work cut out for him with these talk show "frontmen" making the conservatives look like they are gloating over America's fall.