Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Numerology" detox exercise, also creative writing

Here is a mental exercise that serves two purposes: 1) another in my series of tutorials about how to regain genuine creativity, such as in the entertainment media, without having an occult, depressive or paranoid sub agenda and 2) how to continue to detach from and detox from compulsive OCD "counting" and also occult numerology "beliefs."

Imagine humanoid life on another planet, who are happy and successful, but they differ from humans in one fundamental way: they never developed a system of counting using numbers.

What did they do instead? Let us say that they use colors to count, to inventory and to create formulas?

How would that work? That is the exercise. Write a short story, or an outline, of how a humanoid race could not only get by but thrive without any concept of numbers, and how they used colors for their manipulation of quantity.

For example, what if they had a very simple system where red represented a single quantity, and then the introduction of blue represented additional quantities?

It really is a struggle at first to think about that because humans have become so invested in numeric thinking, to the point where it is an addiction.

But if you persist you will start to see how numbers ultimately do not have any meaning at all, and that there are ways that one could survive and thrive using a different system, such as colors, to manage concepts of quantity.

Can you imagine a computer invented by these people based on color wavelengths? I can.

Give it some thought and see how it liberates you from thinking that counting and numbers have any meaning other than the way humans selected to manage quantity. Numbers were invented by humans to serve humans, not for humans to serve numbers. Life can exist quite well without that particular system. So work on thinking about this planet and race of people who manage their concept of quantities by using colors, in either a simple way (discrete colors and their combinations) or complex (the continuum of multiple spectrums!)

I hope that you have found this helpful.