Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cancer's important, but what about hell?

Here's an example of how messed up, I would say, even f***ed up western society has become.

You have a month, October, in America, dedicated to obsessing about cancer. Every day we are supposed to read about it and wring our hands. And yes, by the way, I have a near relative who is a "breast cancer survivor," so forget the "insensitive" accusations LOL.

Here's the thing. Children starve to death every day around the world, and we have no daily reminder of them, do we? Or a month dedicated to babies and children who starve to death. And more so, no matter how sad an illness, or how politically correct it is, is there anything more important than a daily reminder to be genuinely and truly alright with God, since God assures us that there is a genuine and dreadful hell for all eternity?

So why not have at least a month, if not every day, reminding people of the certainty of hell for those who take the wide and easy road, and who ignore the warnings of Jesus Christ.

Now THAT would be a public service announcement of some importance. See, all the millions and millions and millions of people already in hell cannot do that public service announcement for you (see Luke 16). And, as I've pointed out before, the Qur'an is filled with assurances of the reality of hell (one could probably read one passage a day for an entire month on that subject in fact).