Monday, October 5, 2009

A caution about murder-suicide

This is from an article in A millionaire in his 70's shot his wife while she slept then took his own life. Investigators found that he had supposedly received a diagnosis of cancer, and this is the motivation for him killing his wife, then himself.

Here is my common sense caution. "Hell" hurts a lot more, and for all eternity, than "Cancer."

It's not even like in a moment of suffering weakness two elderly people have a suicide pact. This guy not only didn't want to go through cancer, but I guess he didn't want his wife to have the rest of her life? Anyone think God will reward him for murdering his wife? No pain meds in hell.

There are so many murder-suicides recently that I'm putting this obvious, but I guess necessary, observation out to you all. I would think the problem with murder-suicide would be kind of obvious, but I guess it is not. God does not "comfort" "suffering" people who kill others before killing themselves, robbing them of their God given lives. Good grief, what is the matter with people? (Rhetorical question).

So please, those of you out there who know people under stress. Try to make sure that they understand that, well, "hell hurts a lot more than cancer," and "God never thanks people for murdering their loved ones to 'bring them to heaven sooner.'"