Friday, October 9, 2009

A low key day today

This morning I made a barbecue flavor hash (potatoes and turkey), as part of my housekeeper role, and when I sampled it to make sure it was OK, I was even tempted to not go for my usual lunch pizza slice and eat my own cooking instead! ;-) But I saved it for the owner of the house and his friends and they had it for lunch.

After going out for my pizza lunch I really hid out in the house, mostly because I'm tired, feeling low key and it's been very hot and humid outside. I finished a miniature collage intended as a gift for an ersatz friend, finished painting a miniature bird house (I cover the walls of my room with them) and did an original flower arrangement that I'm quite pleased with. Green orchids and red something or others, in a very natural setting. That's it, really, with the Internet on all day keeping me company, occasional music, and the usual bad tidings. I posted that one Bible reading and while I had the Bible open, read a favorite section from 1 Maccabees.

My only thought for the day is that I wish some actual peace came along with the awarding of the pantomine Nobel Peace Prize!!!