Sunday, October 18, 2009

Music talk: yes I DO like bluegrass :-)

I know I've been characterized as not liking bluegrass music based on my saying so.... I don't deny it LOL! But what I mean when I have said that I don't like it, I mean the caterwauling type of singing that goes with a small portion of it. Bluegrass music, the instruments, and the songs and the vocals I like fine, so long as it's not in the edge of teeth setting off caterwauling twangy wail that's just designed to be extreme yeeeeeeowling at the moon sort of stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Listened to some very fine live music by the church's bluegrass band this evening :-)
Will the Circle be Unbroken is a long time favorite of mine, a song that in fact I bought the sheet music for, back when sheet music was hard to find, especially as I lived way far out from a city, when I was a teen.