Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Message to all Muslims

While this message will be of interest to everyone, it has been put upon my heart, what is left of it after enduring such sadness and evil of the world, to convey a message to all Muslims. First of all greetings from me personally, recalling my affection for you all, and how much I enjoyed my short sojourn in the Muslim country of Turkey.

The Holy Spirit placed upon my heart this morning, soon after I woke up, that I must explain, with the intention of clarifying, some things with the purpose of urging all Muslims to unity. Nothing I say is contrary to the scriptures of the Bible and the Qur'an and instead, rather, wipes away some of the fog of politics, corruption of faith and impurity that can only be ascribed to the actions of humans, not of the perfect God nor of his scriptures, which remain everlasting and unchanged.

Brothers and sisters, you must not continue to have hardened hearts toward each other based on your respective sects of Islam. In particular I of course indicate the ill will in many places between Shia and Sunni believers. Here is the image that the Holy Spirit gave to me to tell you. In olden days the Spanish had in their currency a coin that had a certain value, but it came with lines drawn upon it so that the coin could be divided by the owner into eighths. Islam is like that coin. The value of any part of it still derives purely from the material of the coin that all the potential pieces share. Thus people may be Shia, but it is a piece from the original coin. And people may be Sunni, but it is a piece from the original coin. Do not allow humans to hold in their hands one piece of the coin and disrespect, demean or war against those who hold in their hands their piece of the same coin. You must let go of previous human based injustices from both sides, and stop ascribing divine reasons for your differences, no matter how profound (or small) those differences are. How can you let go of ascribing divine reasons for your differences? By remembering that the pieces that you hold in your hand still come from the same coin, a spiritually united Islam, that is enfranchised by the same God and the same scriptures.

Why is this so urgent for me to tell you? The Holy Spirit has put it upon my heart that one way you will look past your differences is to realize that each of you holds part of the key that must work together to please God. I'm going to make a large generalization now, and bear with me, because I am putting into words a divine image, and that is difficult to do (and of course excuse typos or mispellings or punctuation lapses, they are not "Freudian slips" or "spiritual messages," ha, but simply my lack of good equipment and a shortage of time). It is essential that Islam puts its house into order, by achieving spiritual unity, because all the parts of Islam will play a vital role in the time, and let me say this right now, it is still far in the future, when the genuine Antichrist arises, and the end of the world draws near, to combat the Antichrist and his works.

Despite what mislead Christians think, the Antichrist, the real one, is still far off. What we are in the midst of, however, is the "first wave" of false prophets that Jesus warned about. The second error that many Christians have is that the Antichrist is "anti-Christian." That is totally wrong, for while the real Antichrist is indeed anti-Christian, he is foremost anti-God. This means he is anti-believers. The Antichrist is called such because he is the anti-salvation. He is the one who will totally oppose God's will and that means that all believers of God are his enemy and the object of his domination and extermination. That's why I must laugh when people speculate about modern people who "might be" the so called "Antichrist." You would know him, oh my goodness, you would know him... you would not have to "wonder."

Thus many Christians are "asleep at the wheel," to use a term that refers to falling asleep while driving a car. They do not recognize that any false prophets of any "faith" are active in laying the unintentional, not intentional groundwork for the actual false prophets of the actual Antichrist. It's like today we have mini-John the Baptists, laying down the crooked ways for the eventual real Antichrist, to use the example of how the real John the Baptist prepared a straight way for the Messiah Jesus Christ. Most of the false prophets of today are from the ancient pagan religions, of the so called "New Age" manufactured "religions," and those Christians who willfully misunderstand the scriptures in order to write themselves a role in divine matters. Today's false prophets do not realize they are preparing the way for the genuine Antichrist, and Satan can only marvel at their stupidity. Today's false prophets strengthen love of the world and their own works and loosen love of God and obedience to him alone. They have achieved their greatest inroads in the formerly Christian nations, but Muslims, be alert, because they work on the young people through the increasing "sophistication" of the world.

So the great myth that many Christians, those on the fringe, and those who are lukewarm in their faith is that 1) the Antichrist is within reach of these times, possible arisen or rising soon, which he is not and 2) that the Antichrist is the enemy of only Christians, while in fact he is the enemy of all the faithful believers in the one true God. Hence the Antichrist is the enemy of the Muslims too and, of course, the Jews.

So the image that was put upon me that is difficult to describe in writing is that the Sunni part of Islam is keeping in preservation the purity of the holy places and the dictates of the faith, from which Islam must continue to draw its strength like water from a well. However, the Shia Imams must be acknowledged and respected because they are like the hands that draw from the well the water of purity of belief in God. This is not to say that each side does not do all of that which I listed above; it is the urging that you not discard or minimize what either side has in their faith repertoire that I am saying. Why is this? Because the Holy Spirit has put it upon my heart to explain to you that the Twelfth Imam will return, as a young boy, when it is genuinely time to oppose the Antichrist. All that you can do now and in future generations to keep your faith pure in its attentiveness to the one true God, which we, the people of Abraham, all share, will assist in confounding the work of the false prophets who at first unintentionally, and eventually intentionally, prepare the way for the Antichrist.

The Twelfth Imam will arise, as a young boy purified in his faith, and oppose, along with the Christians and the Jews and all true believers, the real Antichrist when he arises.

This is what the Holy Spirit put upon my heart to tell you most urgently today.