Sunday, October 4, 2009

Simple art, collector, aesthetics idea

While I'm not a serious collector, I do have a weakness for vintage pressed glass relish dishes. Not only are they pretty, common, and affordable, but they bring back pleasant memories. Back in the 1950's they were a regular sight at evening dinner or lunch-not just special occasion-as they were filled with raw carrots, celery, pickles and olives. People, including kids, ate simpler and healthier then.

Anyway, I have a pretty round one with one divider down the center and a pretty rather feathery swirl design that I just bought, and it's only about eight inches in diameter. While sorting my small tubes of acrylic paints, getting ready for a little project, it occurred to me that using these relish dishes would be a fun way to keep the paint handy and the dishes in use and on display on my desk. Just thought I'd pass along this "multi-use" idea!