Monday, October 12, 2009

To anyone who has had an infant perish

Nothing replaces that loss: I know, absolutely nothing does. However, trust in God and know two things. One is that your infant, no matter the circumstances, did not die alone, for that is what his or her guardian angel does, accompany the baby's soul and providing spiritual comfort in the soul's return to God. Second, again, no matter the circumstances, the infant has no experience of pain or loss in heaven and only boundless joy in God's company. Infants are totally wrapped up in God's presence, and the angels, which is so overpowering that any pain or suffering is simply not in existence in heaven.

All I can say to comfort you-and it is a great comfort, the solace of believers throughout the centuries-is that if you heed God you will follow their path and be united again with your infants, when your own life on earth is complete.

When Jesus explained that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as them (the infants and little children) he did not mean only the obvious point, that heaven is for those who are innocent and pure like children. Jesus is also saying that the only thing one can be assured of is that innocent children have the first claim on heaven. Thus, understand, that Jesus is implying that young children who go to heaven show the way to the adults left behind. It is all the more reason to not despair or to be angry (besides righteous anger at crime or neglect, which of course is reasonable) to such a degree that one, as an adult, is tempted to lose the path that the infant has already flown with no effort to achieving, which is heaven. The tragedy is how many adults are not able, with time and healing, to feel more, not less, motivation to put one's faith and trust in the Lord God, so that they can aspire with hope to heaven and reunification.

I hope that this helps.