Saturday, October 3, 2009

Natural disasters

While they are God's will when they occur, it is not God's will that humans take people out of traditional housing that used to withstand some known local dangers like quakes, and put them into "modern" bull crap made of shoddy construction material and weakened concrete, which is crushing and known not to be accommodating to disasters, and built in violation of all obvious building codes.

Further, after each of these disasters, people around the world act like it's the first one that ever happened. Was nothing learned from the 2004 tsunami? I don't mean the warning systems, I mean how to form alliances in advance so that essentials such as water, food, bedding can be dropped into areas, I mean, duh. So many people in the world just love their helicopters, and none are to be found for days after these disasters, for example. You can make bull crap movies about dropping an elephant from a helicopter, but you can't plan in an emergency where to get helicopters and mobilize them for air drops of essentials. I have not seen a single country use them effectively or plan in advance for private and public mobilization quickly when needed.

And being a poor country is no excuse for not planning in advance. In fact, planning is needed even more if you are a poor country.