Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1/3 "Spread the wealth" and what the Bible says

I am so very annoyed, as I have been all along, at the recent trend to try to justify socialism and "income distribution" or "spreading the wealth" schemes by misquoting the Bible. There is absolutely nothing in the Bible that justifies ANY government program or economy policy to "spread the wealth" or be "Robin Hood."

I am going to author two tutorials on this subject today. They will demonstrate exactly how alms and charity were mandated in the Bible, including how Jesus availed himself of charity. Yes, rather than quoting what Jesus supposedly "said" about "spreading the wealth," people ought to be at least as educated as their grandparents (assuming they weren't socialists or Communists) who recalled very well the event in Jesus' ministry where he and the Apostles availed themselves of charity in the Biblically prescribed way.

Also, only a moron would read the Bible and think that charitable acts that are mandated there are in any way to be put in government hands. If you socialist leaning "Jesus quoters" want to "follow what he said," then the entire Bible places charitable giving and "income redistribution" in THE CHURCH'S HANDS. So keep it up, that's right, keep misquoting Jesus and the Bible to justify economic and governmental "policy," and you will find that you are arguing that the Church should take over all governmental "charitable and income redistribution" programs, since that is where that responsibility is given by God in the Bible.