Friday, October 3, 2008

Occult "habits" inconsistent with salvation

Being a believer, or belonging to a valid faith, even "giving your life to Jesus" is not a guarantee of salvation if you continue to benefit from the practicing of occult beliefs. This includes allowing your devotional blogs or other activities to be "edited" to include "lucky numbers" or other occult based "messages" while leading your self deluding "devoted and pious life" (such as driving with license plates that proclaim an occult message.)

I've explained previously that anyone who "acts out scenarios," whether around me or anyone else, in order to fulfill instructions from someone who has occult beliefs precludes you, regardless of the sanctity that you think you have, from salvation. This is because all delusional activities and performance of scripting activities around an innocent "target" person is a violation of the Commandment against false witness.

Stop thinking that you have "insurance." Lots of Catholics go to hell, along with a lot of Jews, Protestants, Hindus, non-denominationals and even Muslims (though thankfully as a group they tend to cling tighter to a virtuous abhorrence of witchcraft and other occult beliefs. Still, sadly, there are growing exceptions).