Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another point about praying

Truly holy people are contributing only good, even when they are not praying. They leave it all in God's hands, and thus allow God's justice to prevail.

Evil people who pretend to be "spiritual" do not retain this neutral stance. They agitate and allow evil thoughts to fester, which is a sin (yes, the Bible is clear that sinful thoughts that are harmful toward another are sins in God's eyes, who sees and knows all). Thus it is common to have people who "pray" for good causes, yet are more evil than someone who has pure and good thoughts, wishing ill toward no one else, even if they are not "praying."

The difference can be seen in the case study that I mentioned where I stopped my habit of praying daily for the planes and passengers that I saw from my previous home. Just because I stopped praying does not mean I cultivated negative thoughts. However, I know plenty of people who direct evil thoughts hoping for suffering and calamity against those they envy, or due to their warped "beliefs" (cultists who seek "vengeance" since they think they are someone special and empowered to do so). Not only do they have ugly and harmful thoughts, which they have the nerve to then bracket with prayer to God, or to Jesus, but they actually seek to put actual stumbling blocks in life in front of those that they hate or "disapprove of." No gesture is too petty, and thus, God allows them to happen, but he will have his vengeance, and that is inescapable. So even as people do evil against me, in literal deed, not just evil thoughts, I do not hope for them to be harmed and I'd never even think of using sacred prayer to pray "against" them. Rather I glorify in God's own choosing of his vengeance, his justice, his smiting. I know that will happen even if it only happens after they have lost their "fat cat" lives of plenty, and then find themselves in shock burning in hell for all eternity. I don't mind that at all, but I'm not the one from whom certain judgment comes. I'm just the handmaiden cheerleader of God's. I've had to get used to the reality that people I once cared about (and many I did not know) are now or will certainly upon their death be thrust into hell by angels who ensure that God's will is done, and who will suffer at the hands of Satan and his own for all eternity. But trust me, I'm used to it and the thought does not bother me at all, and is, rather, my last comfort. God is great and he is never deceived, and his justice is perfect, even as it may seem to be slow.

*snap* *crackle* *pop*

Think about it.