Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Warning for parents

Many infants, children, young people and the elderly are sexually abused when they are helpless in hospitals for surgery or other "care." The problem is much worse and much more prevalent than anyone realizes.

The odds are very high that if you are helpless in a hospital that they will at least "cop a feel." That is almost to be taken for granted as much as the inflated hospital bill and poor care.

Many are subject, while unconscious, to being orally sodomized. Fingering their rectal or vaginal orifices is also a "job benefit" for many.

Trust me, I know. And God knows all.

What goes around, comes around, as new agers are fond of saying. This is, unfortunately, true in ways you cannot begin to realize. And so those of you who bother to have children, and bother to care about them, now have to worry about paying this price. Most of you will never know that it happened, but many more of you realize it than you let on. You figure "well, the child will not remember."

Yes, but God was there and God remembers, God never forgets and God will have flaming justice and vengeance upon all those who performed these foul actions and also those who promote and enable that sick mindset. Imagine what he will do to those who not only sodomize in the mouth a helpless child, but who photograph it and gloat about it later?

You don't want to know, but you will find out. Oh yes, you will.

So for those increasingly few of you parents who actually do not want your children to be used as "blow up dolls" for sexual gratification, be very careful of whoever you allow to have your children tended to by, especially medical "professionals." I found out that the surgery theater is a theater all right, with endless people of a mindset to sexually abuse the helpless trooping in and out before, during and after surgery. Some get a special giggle out of knowing that a concerned relative is sitting in the waiting room, while they are giving your child, your mother, your wife, even your grandfather "the business" in their mouth or private parts.

I don't really know what to tell you, but asking sharp questions about everyone who will be in the room during the "procedure," and even asking for the names of the "clean up team" might be a sufficient warning to them that if something undue is suspected after the procedure, that you have a list of names and advance suspicion. I'm afraid I have to recommend this in even the "best" of facilities. There are sick and bad apples everywhere and like I said, I suspect every medical facility has one or more people who view a fingering or poking of your child or elderly loved one as a "job perk."

It's a sad and sick world, one that can only be cleaned, ultimately, by fire.