Thursday, October 9, 2008

My thoughts about USA space agency NASA

I believe that the US should cut the budget of NASA and confine them to three projects (for which they will get full funding to ensure safety and effectiveness): Investment in the space station, Rocketry and other infrastructure for "return to the moon" exploration, and research into effective means to protect the earth from possible asteroid threats. I do not believe that space flight to Mars and either manned or unmanned exploration of any other planets should be funded, period. Here is why.

I defended the space program through the 1960's and 1970's, when many who focus on the social and humanitarian needs of the poor and disenfranchised on earth questioned "why spend the money on space?" I agreed with the necessity for space exploration for all the usual reasons (knowledge, technology advances, security and competition among other countries).

However, some very bizarre decisions in the 1980's through now have made me realize that there is an unsavory agenda behind the bloated expenditures. The first thing I could not understand is how the space shuttle could be so poorly and unsafely designed, which resulted, as we all know, in the loss of lives in two space shuttles. I could not understand why it was "made to look like a plane" and fly "piggy back," when that was so dangerous and unwise from even a novice's understanding of engineering.

Further, I could not understand why moon exploration was dropped like a hot potato and an almost obsessive interest in Mars took over, with repeated scouring of that planet with probes that both worked and did not. There was also an unscientific and biased obsession with "seeing if life is possible on Mars." Why were techniques for living on the moon not being explored, which is within reach? Why the obsession about "life on Mars?" Even the press releases by NASA, who tried to sound scientific, could not hide a rather strange occult tone to them.

Finally I realized that the NASA program was under the influence of Scientology believers. Why? Because Scientologists believe that Mars is some sort of recycling station where "reincarnated aliens spirits" are plugged into earthlings when they die. I wish I was joking but I'm not. So I have every reason to believe that Scientologists have used their behind the scene influence to push for Mars exploration, hoping to find evidence of their loony "beliefs." As a result the space shuttle was some sort of childhood science fiction design fantasy, the moon exploration was dumped (obviously, because science fiction was the motivation, not genuine science), the space station had repeated problems due to diversion of attention toward looking for "Thetans on Mars," and we've had decades now of pouring money into Mars. For what? Total bullshit. Even Bush has been persuaded to advocate funding for more Mars, Mars, Mars.

Someone in Congress, please put a stake through the heart of the Mars programs and make NASA focus on their three mandates, as listed above. In this time of financial crisis this Mars insanity is the last thing we need. There are no Thetans or anything else on Mars.

While thinking about this earlier today I sent a quick thought to God, wishing that he'd supernova Mars and blow it to smithereens, using whatever method he would use. People are too freaking wicked and stupid to even have the delight of seeing the red light of Mars, looking like a star, shine above. I'd happily do without it and think it would be an instructive punishment to humans and their idolatrous wickedness.

I know God probably will not do it. Why? Because he knows humans and their weakness better than anyone. If Mars blew up it would just fuel the psychos' "conspiracy theories." "Ah ha, we were getting close to finding the Thetan lube job station," they would figure, while continuing to gouge money and brain cells out of anyone stupid enough to believe them.

God did, actually, share a thought with me. At the End of Times when the bodies of the just are risen and restored, and there is the new world and the new Jerusalem, there will be no stars or planets in the sky, nothing in the firmament. This is because humans have ruined the beauty of the features of space by idolizing and worshipping them. God will never put that particular temptation in front of humans again. It's sad to think that humans have to ruin everything that is good for everyone.

So Senators and House of Representatives, cut that NASA budget and force them to stick to those three priorities. In this financial crisis the last thing we need is to continue to feed a fat occult pig. I think that is something that both atheists and pious believers in God can agree on.