Friday, October 3, 2008

Here's a test of your faith in God online

Everyone loves taking personality quizzes and tests of one's "spirituality." Here is one I've designed so that you can easily test your faith in God.

Suppose you are a married woman named Susan. (Men can imagine themselves being a married man named Tom). Imagine that one day the divine appears to you, not in a vision, but in reality, right in front of you. If Susan is Jewish let's say that Elijah appears to her. If Susan is Christian let's say Jesus appears to her. And if Susan is Muslim, let's say the Prophet (PBUH) appears to her. So for the purpose of this example, the divine is unquestionably there in reality in front of you and wishes to speak to you. It's not a dream, a vision, or someone "claiming" to be the divine. There is no question that it is in fact Elijah, Jesus, or the Prophet.

Now, suppose the divine, let's say Jesus, tells you, Susan, that he has a very important mission (briefly) on earth and he has to borrow the time of your husband to help on this mission. Tom, Jesus tells you the same thing about your wife. And just to include everyone in this example, let's say that it is possible that Jesus asked Susan or Tom for their child to assist him. Jesus explains that he cannot tell you what they will be doing, or why, and that they should not spy or try to find out what they are doing. Jesus does assure Susan, or Tom, that their loved one will not be harmed, and that the only risk involved is the risk to humans in general if their mission does not succeed.

Who would say no to Elijah, Jesus or the Prophet in this example? Think about it and if you would be tempted to say no, your faith in God is severely flawed.

Here is a second scenario of this same quiz. Suppose that Elijah, Jesus or the Prophet does not appear to Susan or Tom, but appears directly to the loved one. Elijah, Jesus or the Prophet elicits the loved one's help directly, and the loved one agrees. One condition is that the work must remain secret from everyone, even the family. This is because if anyone found out about the work, they would falsely conclude that the work is a "new revelation," one that changes which is unchangeable, which is the Bible and the Qur'an. Because humans would misunderstand the work, the mission, and think that it is an "edit" or "modification" or worse, a refutation of the sacred scripture, this is why the work must remain secret.

Who of you would think that your loved one should have refused Elijah, Jesus, or the Prophet in this example, and after refusing the divine, run home and told you about it? Think about it and if you would be tempted to think that your loved one should have turned down the divine and then also shared the secret information, your faith is severely flawed.

Here is the third part of this quiz. Susan and Tom, suppose your loved one was approached by Elijah, Jesus or the Prophet, accepted the mission from the divine and kept it secret. But a friend, colleague, family member or stranger found out about the mission using occult and spying methods, and reported this information to you. What would you do?

If you reacted with anger, vengeance, and spoke up in order to further ruin the secrecy of the mission, in direct opposition to the messenger of the divine, your faith is terribly, severely flawed, and one could even say blackened. You not only ruin the mission of the divine, but you worsen the situation by undermining the secrecy (which was in order to better preserve people's faith and understanding in the unchanging scripture, not to undermine it). So you thus defy and disbelieve not only the divine messenger, but also your own loved one's judgment (who was graced to have been called), but also "ruined it for everyone else" by propagating what you did not understand. This is especially true if you did not seek out the divine messenger to tell Elijah, Jesus or the Prophet your dilemma and confusion. That should have been your first reaction if you had found yourself in such a situation, other than the ideal, which would have been to do nothing and have faith, and keep your mouth shut.

Second part of this third scenario. What do you think of your faith, Susan or Tom, if you spied on the mission and hired people to physically and emotionally harm the people who Elijah, Jesus and the Prophet selected to help with the mission? Perhaps you hired someone to sexually assault one of the women in the team that the divine had called, because you were "jealous." Perhaps you told as many people as you could, hoping to defame the people in the "team," but instead you also weakened the faith of others, who had no recourse but to believe the scurrilous misunderstanding that you spread? How would you rate your faith in God then?

And what if you were blessed during this time, with a special child sent by God, or abundance in other aspects of your life? Would you throw these blessings back in the face of God himself because you meddled and lacked faith, and thus harmed the very people who had testified positively on your behalf, rendering to you the very blessings that you prize? What would that say about your faith, Susan or Tom?

I hope that people find this quiz helpful though obviously it is far too late.