Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When dreams reveal truthful situations

As a counselor and spiritual director I would sometimes do dream interpretations. They can be very useful if kept pure in intention and not distorted for occult purposes. While thinking about that just now I remembered a dream I had years ago that I thought I would share because it revealed to me an actual situation that was taking place, though I did not have all the "missing pieces" in place at the time.

This was when I had my home of twenty two years, which had a hill covered with woods in the back. So the dream would have been at least fifteen to twenty years ago.

I dreamed that I observed many middle age and older women intruding on my property and spying on me. Even though they looked all respectable and matronly on the outside, it was not friendly type of spying; it was unfriendly and far from being the "little old lady" type of snooping. They also were making themselves quite at home on my property, having tea in patio structures they had had built for them and so forth.

In my dream I went outside to find out who they were, and not to confront per se, but to see if they had even the slightest shame and embarassment at spying on me and intruding on my property.

So I walked out to them in the woods, and up the hill a bit, and was astonished to find that far from being embarassed, they were unrepentent and even annoyed at ME for "disturbing them." But then they looked over my shoulder in dismay and some fear (though it turns out not enough fear, as I realize in retrospect, LOL). I turned to see what they were afraid of and was surprised to see they were afraid of the cranes that nested on my property.

(Now, actual crane birds did not nest on my property, but I did have a long time relationship with that kind of bird). So its not strange that my dream would portray cranes as peacefully nesting and flourishing on my property. I have affection for the bird species themselves, their role in spirituality and culture, and also I favored crane form of kung fu at the time (and still do).

They were extremely afraid of the cranes, but rather than that being a basis for understanding their hostility and intrusion toward me, they simply "clammed up," except to continue to glare at me and look fearfully toward the nesting cranes, who were flapping their wings at the time, while standing on their nests and nearby tree branches. I woke with no further information.

So here is another example of how I had been alerted to being stalked by very strange cultists, even decades ago, as I did understand that truth from the dream, but at the time (when I still had an affectionate or at least neutral view of humans), I thought that it was kind of an unconscious stalking rather than the evil and deliberate script of stalking that cultists had indeed been doing toward me. Too bad they didn't respect the cranes.